Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If I'm Panting a Little Bit When You See Me, This is Why

But first, one for the quote book, from Mary Liz: "Mary, when you die you won't be able to see your kitties anymore. Because, you know, you'll be gone." Well, um...thanks for letting me know.

This morning I was the model of productivity. It should be against the law to do so many things at once, lest all of America does it at once and we all have to take a big nap, thus making our nation more susceptible to attack by members of the Axis of Evil. Or something. But let's just take a look at my list and see what was done before 11am. Here it is:

fat monkey (you know, the bread with the bananas and the cranberries and the chocolate chips and all the other crap--I made some. So: CHECK!)

guacamole (homemade, with too much garlic, oops, and just the right amount of fresh lime juice: CHECK!)

fruit (strawberries and grapes, rinsed and sorted: CHECK!)

o'henry bars (dessert for tonight's potluck: CHECK!)

YWAM (check written, envelope sealed, stamped, and return addressed: CHECK!)

tristan (prettyman, that is--tickets for March 1 show at Record Bar purchased, confirmation number obtained: CHECK!)

bank (deposit: CHECK!)

ipod (which was sad--again, I know--and offed itself, thus necessitating exchange: CHECK!)

Please note that the first six items were completed before 10am, and that we (Mary Liz and I, as she was along for the ride) also managed to make a birthday card (Mary Liz did most of the work--I just helped with spelling and removing stickers from the plastic backing), stop into Starbucks, play games at the Apple store (partly while waiting to exchange the sad iPod, partly after that was done), and deliver the birthday card. In addition (but post 11am), I made lunch, updated my Blockbuster queue, and loaded all 2542 songs onto the new iPod. So hooray, you may now give me a virtual pat on the back and I may head back to the work homestead for a nap. I am SO ready for a nap.



Ted said...


You also did a posting! Although I am unsure of when you did it...

EB said...

so sorry to hear about your ipod that 'offed' condolences. They should put a warning on the box if These little guys have suicidal tendencies....

Shiz said...

It's a testament to your Apple faith that you still love the iPod even though you've had some less than happily-ever-after luck with them. The Pod be with you.