Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's Officially Official

I deserve a nap.

After all, I did unearth what appears to be a really cute apartment from beneath the pile of rubble that had taken up residence there.

What do you think: Couch or bed?

I'm voting couch, but I am easily persuaded to change my mind in such matters.


Dawn said...

I vote for the couch.
But, then, if you have a bed like mine, I would vote for the bed. I love my bed and opt to nap there all time when there is an opt to be had.

Also, do you happen to be smart enough to know why all of a sudden everyone (including myself) is getting a "forbidden" message when trying to look at my blog? I'm not smart enough to know and blogger hasn't answered my request in the 5 seconds since I sent it off so I thought I'd ask. heh

marymuses said...

I did, indeed, choose the couch.

Did you figure out your blogger problem? Sometimes it's just stupidy and you have to wait a bit before it gets fixed.