Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's Thursday. Already.

Would someone please tell me where my week went?

Even if I were to forget what day it is, I can always check by looking around my apartment, which gets more cluttery as the week wears on. I'm a leaver-outer, no matter how I try to be one of those neat freak people. I just can't change the very fabric of who I am. I can make a decent effort, and it usually lasts for two weeks, at the end of which I throw up my hands and start leaving random bits of junk all over. The best thing for me, I've found, is to just relax a little and clean it up once a week.

My official de-clutter day is Sunday, so on Monday everything is still fresh and all put away and it looks like I can keep house. By Tuesday it becomes evident that I wear several different pairs of shoes each day. By Wednesday it appears that receipts have attacked my office, and by Thursday all hell has broken loose and there are scarves, shoes, shopping bags, and various cat toys strewn about the place. Fridays I try not to look, and Saturday I finally face reality and begin to put a few things away. So here we are on Thursday and, regardless of how quickly the week has gone, I can certainly tell because my apartment is moving steadily towards end of the week disaster.

Excuse me, there's a pair of shoes I need to locate beneath the rubble.


Dawn said...

Yay! I'm not the only one! I am also a perpetual leaver-outer. And I have little piles of things hidden out of sight in various places, which my husband has just recently discovered. He's on this mad "we need to pack now!" kick because we are moving in 3 months. Bah! It will pack itself, I say.

marymuses said...

There are a lot of us leaver-outers around, Dawn, You are not alone! Also, if you stack it neatly or put it out of sight, that's called "cleaning." If it's an extra neat stack of things that are similar to one another, that's "deep cleaning."