Friday, February 17, 2006

So That We Might Go Home Happy

I broke one of my cardinal rules of nannyhood today and we all ate a doughnut right before lunch. Let me say that again, but differently: We each ate a large ring of pure lard and sugar RIGHT BEFORE LUNCH.

Normally, though I am terrible at eating right when I'm on my own, (Doughnuts ARE lunch, aren't they?), in front of the kids I try to be a Good Nutritional Example. However, the doughnuts were free, and they were from LaMar's, and did I mention they had the cinnamon sugar kind which are my favorite? The nutritional ship was sunk before it even left the port. Oh, well. We loved our doughnuts, and they loved us back.

No, really, they did.


Shiz said...

Of course it loved you! Yummy goodness.

Now you've messed the kids up for life.

marymuses said...

Oh, I'd messed them up for life already, so I wasn't worried about that.

What's that sound? Oh, it's a nanny plunking more change into here charges' therapy fund.

Shiz said...

Heck, I bet you've messed them up FAR less than most parents would have. Go spend that money on more doughnuts.