Monday, February 27, 2006

Today is the Day I Allow Mary Liz to Lie

It was her birthday yesterday, but we're celebrating today. In order that she might not have to explain that, I just let her say, "It's my BIRTHDAY!" So far we've gotten a free drink at Starbucks, a sticker at the Apple store (which I think she may have left there accidentally), and a Twinkie at Tomfooleries. Not bad. We also got to hear Nasty Boys, which is perfect, truly, because there's no song that says, "Happy Fifth Birthday" quite like that one. As an added bonus, we used the most powerful hand dryers in the universe. You know how most hand dryers take years to dry your hands and usually turn off before you're done, so you end up drying your hands either by waving them wildly about or just using your clothes as a towel? That is SO not the case with these hand dryers. They're called XCELERATOR, and in Kansas City you can find them in the bathroom at Tomfooleries. If you're not in Kansas City, you'll have to either order one for home use or find an alternate venue that has them already. They're so powerful that they contort the skin on your hands, which is both creepy and kind of cool.

Other than that, it's Monday, which is (for me at least) also laundry day. By the end of the day my clothing selection will be at its fullest, and that makes me a little happy.

Happy Monday, and Happy Not-Exactly-Mary-Liz's Birthday.


Shepcat said...

Does the Xcelerator have a nozzle or spout that can be rotated to direct air at the head and upper torso as well? Because as easy as it would be to just go to Tomfooleries to check it out, you've already put the idea in my head to order one for my next apartment.

Shiz said...

The Xelerator sounds perfect for cold days. In college, I sometimes used my hairdryer on my whole body when I was cold; towel-drying is simply inadequate when one is freezing.

I love having all the laundry done! It's such a GOOD feeling. Smells good, too.

Actually, the other day when my cats were post bath and wet, I was wishing I had a rather large box-contraption that they could sit in and gently and quietly have warm air rush in from multiple directions. A kitty-cat drying machine, if you will. Instead, they both opted to sit under desk lamps.

marymuses said...

The XCELERATOR's nozzle, I'm afraid, cannot be rotated, though I imagine that if it were placed high enough on the wall to fit a bench beneath it, that may do the trick. Lie down to dry the body, sit up to dry the hair, stand for simple hand drying.

Shiz, when I was growing up our farm cats used to like to sit underneath the dryer vent outdoors. I think they liked it because it was warm but not too noisy.

REACH said...

Dude, I LOVE the XCELERATOR at TF's. In fact, so many of us Heartlanders loved them that we got them in the bathrooms at our church. I love how we let the bars set examples.