Friday, February 24, 2006

We'll Call It "Funny Friday"

Or something else alliterative. Make something up if you want.

As Jack and I were walking from his school to The Plaza yesterday, we were trailed by a bunch of what I call "the bigger boys" from the junior high (or do they call it middle school?), who were horsing around and raising a ruckus but generally not doing any harm. At one point the party moved right out into the street, thus the following bit:

Jack, observing the bigger boys, asks, "Mary, why are those boys messing around in the street like that?"

"Well," I answer sagely, "there's no big reason, per se. Sometimes boys just do things like that."

Jack turns to me, squints up his eyes a bit, and says accusingly, "Yeah? Well sometimes they get hit by BUSSES."

The kid is just killing me.


Anonymous said...

oh man that is funny. so awesome!

<3 holly

Shiz said...

Once my mom and brother, who were 40-ishand 15 at the time, passed some younger boys on the street while they were on their way somewhere. One of the boys loudly whispered to his friends, "They're TEENAGERS."

Heh. Funny.

Dawn said...

How can you argue with that? heheeee! I love the eye squint part. I can totally see it, and then the snarky tone of voice as if Mary has no idea *what* she's talking about. heheeeee