Friday, March 24, 2006

Declaration of Victory, Plus Notes on Watching Figure Skating on Mute

My experiment with the children (see previous post) was a rousing success. Both children slept from 7:30pm until I woke them up this morning at 7:10am. No one woke up in the middle of the night. No one had trouble going to sleep. Everyone was cooperative getting ready for the day this morning. Dr. Weissbluth, you are a genius. If you have kids, I highly recommend reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and following the good doctor's advice.

Because the children went to bed so early, I was free to watch TELEVISION. Yes, it's true. I selected Chapelle's Show alternating with figure skating. I took a call while viewing, and so turned the TV to mute, and did you know that the hideousness of some figure skaters' costumes is even more glaringly hideous when there's no sound? Truly. Some of these people really need to check with me before giving their costume designers the A-OK to Yeah, go ahead and make me a really ugly sparkly costume which will make people question my fashion judgment. My good taste could really come in handy. One man was seen sporting a headband with tails that flowed out behind him as he skated, and an ice dancing couple looked strangely alike, and also (stranger still) JUST LIKE FABIO. You may think I kid, but, sadly, I do not. These people obviously need my help, and some costume designers obviously need to be out of work, and soon. Trust me on this one.

Or, you know, watch figure skating on mute yourself. You'll see exactly what I mean.


Shiz said...

I'm so pleased the experiment went so well! HUGE success!

Figure skating is bizzarre. pretty sometimes, but always bizzarre.

cara said...

so, are you going to share your newfound knowledge with the mother?

marymuses said...

Shiz, yes, figure skating is bizarre, but also pretty. I like it, especially when it involves costumes I can ridicule.

Cara, I have already shared the information with their mother. I think it will be harder for her to implement the plan since she often needs to run errands in the evenings with the kids, but she plans to do it when she can.