Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do Not Confuse Me, Oh Time Change Math

Also, do not order the quesadillas at the airport, particularly if you tend to get puffy when you fly, for they will only enhance your puffiness, and lo, your face will balloon to twice its normal size, and your eyes will look like two small slits.

Well, maybe it wasn't that bad. What was bad, however, was my foray into the world of Time Change Math. Basically, I got all confused about time changes and how they relate to flight times and somehow failed to realize that my flight from Chicago to Phoenix would take three hours and forty-freaking-five minutes. I'd say it was the longest flight ever, but hello: Sydney to LA with a bunch of teenagers, anyone? In reality, it was a kind of long flight during which I slept through the beverage service (thank you, Dramamine, I love you with all my airsick heart) but was fortuitously able to switch my seat assignment to an emergency exit row, so the leg room was, well, it was beautiful.

As for the Phoenix to LA flight, it was pretty near perfect. We left late, and all the passengers who had international connections out of LAX had been reassigned to other flights, thus our plane was maybe (maybe) one third full. Which meant (hallelujah) that I got my own row. You know, ALL TO MYSELF. I proceeded to curl up on my side and sleep until we began our final descent into LA. Not. Too. Shabby.

And of course it's wonderful to see Holly. She lives in a cute neighborhood in Claremont. I went for a short run this morning and was delighted by how green everything is and how good it smells (eucalyptus, anyone?). I think Segment Two of my vacation is going to be just right.

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