Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Excuse Me, Internet, But You're Eating Up All My Naptime

Seriously. What with the posting of a few more vacation photos and the window shopping and the blog reading and the whatnotwhoknowsanyway, I barely have time to maintain my nap schedule, which is, as we should all well know by now, essential to my general well-being. It's also cutting into my brownie-consumption schedule. I may have to take a sabbatical.

Kidding! How could I take a sabbatical when I have all this complaining about not enough napping and not enough brownie consuming to do?

Anyway, what? Do I have a point? Oh, yes, yes I do.

Jarod found this wist dealy-mc-thinger-ma-bobber and now I can add items to my very own wist as I internet window shop. Pretty nifty. I'll probably add more stuff every day until I get distracted by some other new dealy-mc-thinger-ma-bobber, so if you'd like to see what's cool and new and hip and fresh according to yours truly, take a look. If you like it, make your own and let me know. I'd love to see the stuff you're digging.


Al Gore's Internets said...

Dear Marymuses,

Resistance is futile.

All your naptime are belong to us.

cara said...

size 4?! what the...even with all that talk of starbucks and chocolate and brownies?! what do you do...puke it all up?! and if you do, it's really not my business per se. i'm just a little jealous is all. look what happens when you put personal info out there for all the world to see. you get wackos like me commenting. ok, i'll crawl back into my twice as big as you hole now.

marymuses said...

Listen, Al Gore's Internets, I WILL NOT GIVE UP! My naps are important.

Cara, I would never throw up all my food--I have a puking phobia. It's really got more to do with all the running. This will probably make you ill, but I recently calculated my daily caloric needs and it's near 3000. Thus the freedom with brownies, chocolates, etc. Also, for the record, I'd say in general I'm more of a size six; it's just that I carry most of my weight in my tree-trunk sized legs and my butt (too much information! one step too far! oh, well!), so I can often go smaller in skirts and dresses if they're a certain cut.

I am now tearing myself away from the internet to go do hill repeats. Because more hill repeats today equal more brownies tomorrow. (This is seriously how I convince myself to finish my workouts.)

cara said...

yeah, so i forgot about the running. it all makes sense now. glad to hear about the no puking. it really is one of the most disgusting things about human bodies, i think.

hill repeats? insane. i'll be thinking of you while i down my daily nestle's quik and then sit on my ass for the rest of the day.