Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Have a Question

Say you have tickets to a sold out show at Park West in Chicago. Say it's...um...Jamie Cullum or something and really, it's FANTASTIC. Maybe you even complained to some girls who were just trying to find a place to stand in the balcony that they needed to move because you'd gotten there an hour early to get your spot. Maybe you were kind of bitchy about it, but oh, well. My question for you is this: After all that trouble to get your very excellent spot, plus factoring in that this is one of the best shows ever, why would you leave before it's over?

(But PS, Nicole and I really enjoyed sitting on the stools you vacated, as well as the absence of your snotty selves, so thanks for that.)

(And PPS, thanks to the very nice people who moved over for us to have a spot; you people were awesome, unlike some people who will remain nameless, if only because I don't know their names.)

In other news, Nicole is my parallel parking hero. She parked her non-power-steering car in a spot that left just an inch of space in the front and two inches in the back. AMAZING. I would've taken a picture, but I saved all the room on my tiny xD card for Jamie Cullum. Still: Nicole deserves all the parallel parking kudos the internet has to offer.

I'm off this evening to California. Weather here has been crusty; it teased me yesterday morning by offering up a balmy sixty degrees, but cut that right out by the time I had to wait 45 minutes for my re-routed bus (long story, not worth telling, but let's just look at the bright side and recognize that the girl at the stop in capri pants without a jacket was much more uncomfortable than me).

I have photos (and video, if I can figure out how to get that going for you) of the Jamie Cullum show (which was quite possibly the best show I've ever attended), as well as some of the rest of Segment One of my vacation. You're gonna love 'em, but you're going to have to wait to see 'em. I'll catch up with you in California...


Deanne said...

Green I am. Positively green. I hope you asked Jamie to add Kansas City to a future tour. Or at least St. Louis.

Shiz said...

I miss you! Kiss California for me!


MY WORD: dabyflrd!

marymuses said...

Well, Deanne, because there was already a drunk woman ape-dancing and yelling things at Jamie, I thought I should leave my screaming invitations for later. I mean, who am I to drown out the cries of someone who wants Jamie to impress her and/or take her back to the tour bus?

Shiz, I have yet to kiss California for you, though that's definitely on today's agenda. Of course.