Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Interrupt My Grueling Nap Schedule in Order That You Might Know the Insignificant Details of My Life

Capitalization is arbitrary in this one--just letting you know. Pretend I'm Brilliant like Arundhati Roy or something.

Earlier this week I came down with what I thought was a chest cold but turned out to be Full On Influenza. Of the hacking, aching, ibuprofen-laden variety. I threw the ibuprofen into the mix myself, just for fun, and also because I still had to go to work. I'm one of those annoying people that thinks if I can stand up, I am able to work. (Also, for reasons I won't explain right now--due to laziness, not because I can't share for some other reason--it's harder than usual to take the day off.) Thanks to my schedule (three long days, spaced evenly with two short ones, so that there are never two days in a row in which I have to make it all day long without sleeping on my couch for the bulk of the morning), I was able to make it through mostly all right. It was touch and go yesterday before the ibuprofen and iced mocha kicked in, but after that I managed beautifully. (Oh, except that part where I wanted to lay down on the floor in Target for a little nap. But we won't mention that outside of this parenthetical note.)

I don't do well being sick, not because I'm a miserable sick person, but because being sick interrupts my precious plans to run the world as I see fit. I had a schedule, people! I was going to stick to it! I was going to enter my week of vacation with the dishes done, the floors swept, a load of running miles under my belt, everything packed ahead of time, note to the cat sitter in legible handwriting, possibly using more than one ink color and some cute illustrations.

As it is, I'll be leaving a film of dust and other detritus on the floor, a sink full of dishes, and a note that is scribbled on the back of a receipt. Unless, of course, there's a miracle before early Saturday morning. I'm not banking on that.

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Anonymous said...

*hug* sorry you're feeling so sickly. but there is a vacation in sight!

feel better soon, hon.

<3 holly