Monday, March 27, 2006

It's Monday, and Nothing Seems Very Interesting

So I'll give you a list of completely uninteresting things I've got to report and hope it will pass for an entry.

1. I went a little crazy on iTunes this morning. This often happens when I mail off a payment to the credit card those purchases are billed to. My deal with myself is that I have to pay my minimum (note that I said MY minimum, not THE minimum, as my minimum payment is more than Visa requires) plus whatever I've charged that month. So I've got another month before this round of tunes shows up. All RIGHT!

2. For those of you who are wondering, I downloaded some Belle and Sebastian, a smattering of Goo Goo Dolls (ah, memories), Thelonius Monk (I may have spelled his name wrong), and Jem. There were a couple of other random songs, neither of which I can remember. Actually, make that a few, as there may have been three.

3. I was incredibly productive this weekend, but my floors are still dirty. A girl can do a lot, but she can't do it all, you know.

4. Of what I got done, the biggest accomplishment was getting together my Goodwill donations. I have a fine assortment of crappy luggage type items, old shoes, and assorted kitchen tools. I'll be making the Goodwill run on Wednesday, so if any of you other Kansas City folks have stuff that needs to go, feel free to drop it off. I'll take as much as will fit in the back of my car.

5. I am nearly done with my very difficult sudoku book. When they named it Ultimate Sudoku Challenge, they weren't kidding. I'm up to puzzle 123 in my Mensa book, and nothing in it has come close to the agony I'm experiencing at the hands of Will Shortz. I even did the very last puzzle in the Mensa book, just to see if I could do it, and it was a breeze compared to the ultimateness of the sudoku in my other tome.

6. The interesting thing about the Will Shortz book is that I had little trouble with the last two puzzles, which are supposed to be the hardest of the hard, but am stuck on one that is merely in the Beware! Very Challenging! category. I MUST be missing some essential bit of logic there.

7. I very nearly cried over dinner Saturday night when I talked about moving. I like to think I covered it up pretty well, though.

8. In case you're new, hey, guess what? I'm moving. My nanny information will go out to families in the New York tri-state area next Monday, and if all goes well, I'll be starting a new position somewhere out there in early/mid-June.

9. This terrifies me just a little bit, but don't tell anyone I said that. It will be fun! It will be an adventure! I'm going to love it!

10. While I'm sure that it will be a fun adventure that I'll love, I reserve the right to freak out a little and get all weepy mulitple times in the meantime.

11. It is naptime, and I am sleepy. Goodnight, all.

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