Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I just showered, not because I was in need of a shower, but because it would A) make my hair look better (I went to bed with it wet last night--MISTAKE!!) and B) feel really nice. I just wasted water for the sake of vanity and comfort. Awesome. My excuse it that I'm sick. Kind of. More like getting over being sick, but still feeling...kind of meh. To that end I also decided to skip my running mileage for today and eat Little Debbie snacks for breakfast (comic brownies, delish). I had a lot less trouble allowing the Little Debbie indulgence than I did admitting that I needed to take the day off from running. Because I had a plan! And I was going to execute the plan! Even if it killed me!

But then I noticed that I was breaking into a sweat whilst getting the kids ready for school this morning, and the temperature on the thermostat read sixty-seven cool degrees. Fever breaking, perhaps?

In the beginning of my running days, it was all about getting out the door in the first place, making the mileage, deciding to do it again the next day. But as the stakes have become a little bit higher, and I've registered for Pikes Peak Marathon after Pikes Peak Marathon, the opposite has become true. Now it's more difficult to keep myself in when necessary. If I don't complete my planned mileage, I feel a little...bereft. A little bit unfinished. Somewhat undone. But, so the running articles say, it is just as important to rest when necessary as it is to get in all those pesky training runs, and so sometimes I have to admit defeat, plan a supper of soup and an early bedtime, and understand that I've let no one down just because I can't run today.

But still.



Shiz said...

When you are sick you can do a lot of things. Eating brownies is one of them. Skipping running, or anything else that may sap your energy and/or prolong your illness, those are musts.

Dawn said...

I am with you on fighting the feeling of defeat when a day of exercise is skipped. I've skipped DAYS at this point, and it is for a number of reasons, one of them being sick and another that my friend is visiting and although she says she can't hear anything in the morning, I am too nervous to do exercises in the next room. I am trying to not feel like a failure and take this as it is - life. And then I smash my face into a delicious piece of bailey's cheesecake. If I don't think about it, the calories don't count.