Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mostly My Job is About Being Mean and Unreasonable

I mean, who do I think I am, first of all, expecting a child to actually wear the shoes she picked out at the shoe store? Second, where do I get off thinking that, because we discussed at length the impending use of new shoes, and the fact that, because we had discussed it, there would be no fit-throwing or complaining, that I could give consequences for said fit-throwing and complaining? Third, why on earth would I be a little bit peeved when I declared the complaint session over and she pulled her mother around the corner to complain some freaking more about the shoes she'd picked out? I really don't know. I guess I'm just mean and unreasonable and bent on torturing children by allowing them to experience both consequences and rewards for their choices.

Gosh, what's my deal?


cara said...

this reminds me of my mother...she would invariably introduce herself as "mean mom" or "man mom" in "man, mom, why do i gotta do that...?!" she thought she was really funny and creative. most of this was directed to my younger siblings. i, as the in my own little world teenager, just thought it was all a bit pathetic. and yet, i know i will be a mean mom too. but hopefully not a man mom. not sure why i shared really. must be the pregnancy hormones.

Cristin in NJ said...

Heh, one of the times time my lil one asked me, for the forty-seventh time, WHY I said no, I replied

"Because I'm mean and horrible, and I want to make your life miserable"

This, it has stuck. Bookworm, now 11, answers as if she is in Mass. I say" Because I'm mean..."
and she says, "and horrible..."


Shiz said...

You ARE mean. What a space-cow.