Wednesday, March 29, 2006

To Wake From Dreaming

I've been having dreams of a serious nature lately. I'm not sure I've got a lot to say about them except that they seem so real, and incredibly terrifying, and I am always hoping, in the midst of them, to wake up and be fine. And I've been waking up, and I've been fine, opening my eyes to morning light and breathing a prayer of thanks.

These dreams are the kind that are revelatory in nature, and I think they may be a somewhat of a warning, a hint that things are not quite as they should be, more specifically that I am not quite as I should be. I guess I've been prone to wasting things lately, to using things up that are meant to be saved for later. I can't promise a miraculous turnaround in all areas of life, but I can promise to at least try, which is more than I've been doing as of late. I can promise to recognize a sacrifice that has been made for me and honor that better. I can promise to believe what I know is true instead of making excuses.

I am as thankful, I think, for the dreams themselves as much as I am for waking from them and finding they're not real.

(Though I do rather feel like I've spent some nights in A Christmas Carol, if you know what I mean.)

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