Friday, April 07, 2006


All the time I've had my phone, if I've been staying in my own home, I have never seen the low battery symbol. Until this week.

My nanny information went out one day later than expected, on Tuesday afternoon, and by Wednesday evening I had received calls from five prospective families. One I've rejected, a second was a mistake (no, I don't want to work in Wyoming), and the rest I've spoken with on the phone. I have one parent left to speak to before I can verify this for certain, but so far it looks as if all three families very much want to meet me. I have a favorite, and am not-so-secretly hoping that things go so well with them that no further interviewing will be necessary. I fly out in two weeks to meet one family, possibly two if everyone agrees to it. It's only been since Tuesday, and already I'm exhausted. Is it terrible that I'm ready to be done with this, to be settled on a family, and it's only Friday of the first week that my info is out?

Unless you're answering, "No, of course not, talking on the phone is haaaaaarrrrrrd," then keep your thoughts to yourself.


A said...

What, what's wrong with Wyoming?

It's the weather, isn't it. And the bears and allergens and whole acres with no cellphone service. It's okay. We understand.

Anonymous said...

wow that's awesome! well, i mean awesome that you've had such a positive response, not awesome that you've had to slave away over a hot phone for days on end.

<3 holly

marymuses said...

A, are you speaking on behalf of the whole state of Wyoming? Because if so, I'd like to clear up with both you and the state as a whole that it's not so much what's wrong with Wyoming (I forgot all about the bears) as much as it's what's right about NYC and the surrounding area. If you and Wyoming could put in some retailers that sell high quality chocolate babka, maybe I'd reconsider.

Holly, thanks for your kind thoughts. It is pretty awesome to have a positive response, despite my complaining about all the phone time.

A said...

Choco babka is a necessity? Check. I can certainly sympathize with that. Not so sure about the rest of the state; I think most of these people could live on chewy sawdust bars washed down with transmission fluid.

Dawn said...

Congrats on the positive responses! That must feel good. And it is exhausting to deal with things like this over the phone. Dealing with anything life changing long distance is stressful. You fully have my sympathies.

Why did you reject the one family? Can you tell us? I'm a sucker for drama.

cara said...

oh dawn, you're such a busy body. it's obviously because the family was anti-chocolate, anti-starbucks. how could mary work in an environment like that? it's like working without cheesecake.

i think we all understand, mary, that it's just nice to have things pinned down. no up in the air, aaahh, the time to move is getting closer and i don't have a family to work for yet, moments. those kind of moments suck.

can't wait to hear all about the little hellions, i mean, delightful well-behaved children who are so blessed to have you in their lives.