Monday, April 03, 2006

You Do the Math

I've convinced myself that if I eat foil-wrapped Hershey's chocolate eggs as opposed to the candy coated ones that I'll eat fewer of the little suckers. You know, what with all the unwrapping (Level of Difficulty: High) and such and the extra time it takes. Also with the digging bits of foil out of my teeth when I miss a small piece. However, looking at the quantity of small foil wrappers I have amassed during naptime today, I'm beginning to wonder if I've been deceiving myself. I don't want to know, really, but if you do, you can come over and count them.

In other potentially pretty big if not kind of huge news, I just spoke with the nanny agency which is going to help me find a job in (the) New York (tri-state area). My information goes out to families this afternoon. That's right: THIS AFTERNOON. Yo.

(Remember my sudden affection for using the word y'all, which hasn't exactly faded (see previous post)? I am experiencing the same thing with the word yo.)

Here we go, yo.

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