Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I've Always Felt That Meetings are Mind-Numbing

Now there's research to back up what I've thought all along. I've never done well in meetings, preferring to let others make suggestions and just go along with whatever they say while doodling in my notebook and daydreaming. I find it hard to follow along when no one is making any new or interesting suggestions, just corporately mulling over the thing I already know they'll decide on in the end anyway.

Coincidentally, the feeling of utter boredom I get in meetings is the same feeling I had standing in the outfield that one season I played T-ball, before it was determined that it just wasn't my thing. I was known to completely ignore the ball (as well as the shouts from all the other players and parents) once it got to me because it had taken too long to get there, and I'd already moved on to more interesting pursuits in my mind.

It's an attitude that clearly says, "Wake up from my reverie when it's time for the snacks."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Marymuses Recommends

1. Proper burn care. Perhaps this comes as a surprise to those of you who are not acquainted with the fact that I am the Queen of Kitchen Mishaps, but this is not my first brush with scalding liquids. It's just the largest area I've ever managed to burn, even larger than the Super Doughnut Grease Burn of '86. When I've had smaller burns, I've always just run them under cool water for, oh, maybe forty-five seconds and then moved on. Then, for the two weeks following, I've been in pain every time I touched the burned area or had to, I don't know, shower or something. But thanks to the large area the burn covered, I was much more vigilant with the cold compresses and the various gels and bandaging and such. Now yesterday's burn is yesterday's news. Today it looks disgusting, and probably will until it's healed over, but it doesn't hurt a bit unless I poke at it, and then the pain is minimal. Follow the WebMD instructions, kids. You won't be sorry.

2. A trip to Target as an antidote to malaise. As usual, Target ate more of my money than I anticipated, but that's not Target's fault, unless you call being completely awesome a fault. Most of the time I just wandered around, looking at the many pretty things I wouldn't buy. I didn't have to spend any money at all (except on parking, AHEM, TARGET) to have a good time. I just figured that since I was there anyway and I needed shampoo, I might as well take something through the checkout.

3. Reading books. I hadn't been taking the time since I moved here to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes, but then a new friend loaned me a book, which I loved, and I have felt the need since then to always have something good to read with me. And by something good to read, I don't mean Us Weekly. That's just for the shiny, shiny pictures.

4. Whole Foods' house brand Organic Swiss Dark Chocolate with Mint Crisps chocolate bars. I say bars, plural, because I can't eat just one. They're like potato chips, except bigger and better.

5. Getting off work early every now and again. I get to leave early tomorrow night to see the Johnny Mayer show at Madison Square Garden. It's always exciting for me to go into the city on a week night. I'm ready now, in fact. Let's go!

Monday, February 26, 2007

What I Did Today, In Pictures

In case you missed that last post, today I began my day in a most wonderful way--by burning myself with scalding water. YESSS!!!!

Here's a photo of the top half of my left leg, after two hours of cold compresses. You may notice the big welts. Those are blisters. Pretty!

that's my blistery burn

If I'm going to burn myself, I'm going to do it right. I went ahead and got some little blisters on top of the big blisters. I am all KINDS of fancy. Also all kinds of disgusting. See? Who takes photos of their gross burn and shows the internet? Me, apparently.

ew, gross, little blisters

After that I slapped a little aloe on it, threw on some very attractive flannel penguin pajama pants, and went to CVS for burn care supplies. The first thing I picked up was some special burn gel. On the box it said it was used by EMTs and the military. I'm a sucker, so I totally bought it, took it home, and smeared it all over my burn. It felt great, seriously. If I could be the spokesmodel for this product, I would, even though it smells like dead, rotting animals.

i highly recommend this product

WebMD recommended that I also use antibiotic ointment, so I bought some of that, too. Maximum strength. PLUS pain relief. Load it up!

faux neosporin plus pain relief

Also necessary: Huge ass gauze pads.

big ass gauze pads

Those are my own scissors, though. I didn't let CVS overcharge me for anything other than what was necessary.

After smearing the burn gel, er, excuse me, BURN JEL PLUS all over my wound, I discovered that the antibiotic wouldn't just smear down nicely on top. So I smeared it on a huge ass gauze pad instead.

gauze pad with faux neosporin

Then I smacked it right down on my burn! Okay, wait, no, I laid it gingerly on my burn. I might have a high tolerance for pain, but I'm not a total moron. You know, this time.

gauze pad application

And then it was puzzle time with Mary.

like pieces of a puzzle

But those gauze pads won't stay down on their own. I recommend using gentle paper tape, even though later I had to add some waterproof first aid tape to make it all stay put.

gentle paper tape

Once it was all taped down, I thought it looked pretty good.

the wound is bandaged

And then I stood up, and it looked like a small child or perhaps a monkey had done first aid. I was too embarassed to take a photo, so I just got dressed and added one final ingredient.

always handy

And you know what? I think I'm going to live.

To a Crisp

Less than an hour ago, while reaching into a high cabinet for bowls to serve the children breakfast, I inadvertently knocked over my teacup, pouring somewhere between twelve and sixteen ounces of near-boiling water down my left leg. I was wearing jeans, and it took me a entirely too long to get them off. I bolted upstairs with a beach towel from the laundry room around my waist (ever thinking of modesty--what IS my problem?) and leapt into the coldest water I could get in my shower. I think it was too little, too late, when it comes to preventing skin damage, but I'm hoping I at least saved myself from having to visit the emergency room. My leg is erupting in oblong, angry blisters now, heating up each cold compress I put on it, begging for the relief of another.

It's Monday. Monday morning. What a brilliant way to start the week, eh?


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is That Jane Jetson?

Oh, no, it's Jennifer Hudson. What's up with that jacket, kids? The dress looks beautiful, but the jacket is a little "Oh, honey, NO."

Also, Rachel Weisz has a lovely gown, but the necklace is too much. Take it off! Now! Before they take any more photos so they can point to each one and say how wrong you are when they do Fashion Police tomorrow!

Hi, I have cable, and I love to watch E! Live from the Red Carpet. I should be showering, but the commercial breaks aren't long enough.

Do you think it's wrong that I like Live from the Red Carpet more than I like watching the actual awards shows? Please don't answer that unless your answer is no.

P.S. JLo's hair looks nice, but I don't like her dress. I don't like Cameron Diaz's dress either. What is she wearing, a napkin? Origami?

P.P.S. I don't like the fuschia on Jessica Biel, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who like the ass on Jessica Biel.

P.P.P.S. I think what I'm doing right now is what the crazy kids today call "liveblogging." I'll try quit for now and sum up later. How about that?

P.P.P.P.S. Just one more. Kelly Preston, dear, animal prints do not belong on the red carpet. Please change.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Slob Lives Here?

Oh, right. Uh, me.

I neglected to tell you that I went to Vermont this week. After traveling over the weekend, I spent approximately to forty-two hours here before driving through three cities' worth of rush hour traffic (New Haven! Hartford! Springfield!) to get Frank and me to the ski house in Vermont. I suppose it's no wonder that I really didn't care to talk about it.

The house in Vermont is actually quite peaceful, and I have absolutely no complaints about being there. The drive to and from, however: OY. Not so enjoyable. Also the part where I never got all my stuff put away from the weekend? And had just washed clothes which I'd laid out to dry on my floor? All over the floor, as there were a lot of them? Kind of disastrous when it comes to my attempt at keeping things tidy. I now have a stack of wrinkly clothes draped over the back of the couch, an open suitcase on the floor which I rifled through last night while searching for all my toiletries, packaging from a box I opened just before I realized I was running late scattered throughout the general living room type area, and various snacks piled in various snacking locations.

And yet, I have not attempted to touch any of it, for I had a job to do. I was obligated to watch Hugh Grant movies while finishing up editing photos from my parents' visit at the beginning of the month. The results of this herculean effort are up on flickr, and your no charge preview is right here. Sorry about the Statue of Liberty obsession. I just can't help it. Enjoy!

from the side now

history and sky


Friday, February 23, 2007

What I Really Want to Know is: Do I Get Free Coffee Out of This Deal?

One morning at Shiz's Starbucks, she was offered her beverage for free if she could name the two best villains of all time. It's not clear to me if she got the drink for free or not, since the answer is subjective, and what if her barista only accepted his answer as the right answer to the question? No matter (except that it does matter, I mean, come on, FREE STUFF!). Shiz went on to create her very own meme out of the situation, and she kindly tagged me as one of her unwitting victims discussion partners.

I will begin by saying that I'm probably not the best person to be answering this question. While my head is full of useless trivia and obscure information about literary characters, as of late I've been downright terrible at remembering the names of most recognizable television and film characters. I suppose I could go with the obvious, and just say that, yes, Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter are vile and evil and there we are, all done, I've just taken the easy way out and agreed with the barista. I'd maybe add Sauron from Lord of the Rings and the White Witch from Chronicles of Narnia, but I just think that those are overdone. Everybody knows about them. And so I offer you these villains, both from literature (because I am a nerd), whose villainy is nothing we couldn't manage on our own, and thus makes it all the more disturbing. We could end up just like them were we to succumb to utter selfishness.

1. Emma Bovary, of Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary
2. Arthur Huntingdon of Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

If anyone else knows of these characters, let me know, and we can discuss at length. If not, I apologize for being entirely too lazy to sum up the stories for you. Get yourself to a library and then we can have meaningful discourse on the subject.

Wow, that English degree is finally coming in handy. Thanks, Shizzaroni.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Running the Risk That You Might Not Like Me Much Anymore Once You Read This

Still, I could use some advice, so I feel compelled to tell the truth. And the truth is that, well, (here I go):

I don't like puppies.

I know. I'm sorry. I'm really, very, terribly, awfully sorry. But I just don't like them. And I really don't like having to take care of them when they're not mine. I find them to be annoying. (Grown dogs, however, that are already trained, are a different story. Just clarifying.)

It's happened more than once that a family I work for has gotten a puppy while I was working for them. It's fairly common that they see all that food their child has thrown on the floor and think to themselves, "What could clean that up more easily than I could? Oh, I know! A puppy!" Or maybe the kids are asking for one, and they swear on all their favorite toys that they'll take care of the puppy. Really! We WILL! We'll train him and clean up after him and it will be so easy you won't even know he's here except when he's looking cute and licking your earlobes out of pure puppy affection! (I know these lines because I used them myself as a kid, once I realized that the line, "But Siamese cats have different dander, and so we could get one of those even though you're both allergic!" wasn't working.) When it comes right down to it, though, puppies are, honestly, kind of a pain in the ass. Sure they're cute and can be very funny and loving. But in addition to that, they also tend to chew things up and urinate all over the floor. Then, suddenly, it's not so fun having a puppy. The kids then come up with lines like, "But when did YOU last clean up a mess?" and "But I'm busy doing my homework, which YOU told me to do." And so not only do you have a pain in the ass puppy peeing and pooping everywhere, chewing up the rungs of all the chairs, you have kids that suddenly have forgotten their impassioned promises to do everything that's necessary for the puppy's care. You're not just getting those affectionate earlobe licks, you're also either getting to 1) Cajole and/or threaten someone else into doing a job they swore they'd do, or 2) Take care of it yourself. Option Two also applies when the former Impassioned Promisers (now demoted to Responsibility Evaders) are away.

This has been one touchy situation in the nanny world that I have yet to find a satisfactory way of working out. By nature I am non-confrontative, so I have just sort of gone along with it. I imagine that there are plenty of jobs that have added responsibilities as time goes by, and that those responsibilities are often not immediately compensated. Rather, the reward comes later, during the job review, when there's (hopefully) either a promotion or a raise. However, what I've noticed in the nanny world is that a puppy is not often acknowledged as an additional responsibility. Even though most nannies I've spoken with on the subject agree that a new puppy is often as much work as an additional child, there are very few families that I know of (okay, well, none that I know of personally, though I'm certain they must exist) that see the addition of a pet as cause for additional compensation or who, alternately, do the majority of the pet care themselves if the nanny would rather not participate. I can understand this line of thought in the sense that I have agreed to care for the children and their belongings, and the pet is seen as one of the child's belongings. However, particularly in the case of puppies, which need to be trained to use the outdoors as their bathroom and not to chew up the contents of the house or the house itself, a pet is hardly just a new belonging. And I would rather not have to be the one to care for it. Still, it's hard to say that. It's hard to look the people you work with (and perhaps live with) in the eye and tell them the truth, which is that while you're great with kids, puppies are not really your thing. It's hard for me not to just be the Yes Girl and pretend it's fine and that I like it and that it's really no problem. I'm able to set boundaries in some other situations (though I'll admit it's still fairly difficult every time, as I am a delicate little flower with sensitive little feelings), but with the puppy issue in particular I am a great big chicken.

Internet, do you have any advice for me? Should I just suck it up and deal with the puppies, or am I justified in asking for either relief from puppy duty or additional compensation? If you had a nanny and she had this same issue, how would you like her to bring it up? Fire away, but remember to be nice about it. (Delicate little flower, sensitive little feelings, remember?) I'm counting on you, internet, to solve all my problems.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Proof That I'll Make an Excellent Old Lady

Or maybe just proof that I've grown old before my time.

1. Last week at Target I found one of those microbead travel pillows that wraps around your neck, and it only cost $2.50, unlike the ones they sell at the airport, which are two for $20 or $12.50 each. Significant savings! Who can argue with that? Maybe the people who notice that the odor of plastic product that emanates from the pillow is quite strong. Still, I found this to be acceptable because it was cheap and useful. Which leaves me wondering what other odors I will soon find to be acceptable. Moth balls, perhaps?

2. I've grown overly fond of the ugly, brown recliner that lives in my room. In fact, I quite enjoy napping in it whenever possible. Morning, afternoon, evening, whathaveyou. It is a chair for all naps at all times of day. I've even ceased to care that it's the ugliest chair known to man. Who would care? It's comfortable.

3. Sometimes while napping in the chair, I'll bring a pillow over from my bed, but more often than not I'll just grab whatever is within arm's reach to cushion my head and neck (sweater, wadded up fleece blanket, etc.). Shortly after I purchased the travel pillow, however, I noticed it there on the sofa and decided to try it out. I now use the travel pillow every time I nap in the recliner. I'll even go out of my way to get it so I can use it.

Someone please help me.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just One More Float in the Parade

Last night I dreamt that Frank and Al's grandmother wanted to take a Polaroid of me. When I asked her why, she opened a file, full of photos of all the nannies these kids have had, and said, "So we can remember which one you were." With each photo, there was a large note card with notes in her distinctive script, a memory for her and for the children of who was who and what each was like. And now I've been sitting here for quite some time, trying to think of some way to convey to you what it is that dream means to me, what it makes me think about, how I am torn because I want to be more than I am and more than I will be capable of being to this family.

What it comes down to is this: I wish I could stay longer. I wish I had it in me to do this job for however long they still need someone. I wish I just weren't one more nanny in the long line of nannies that they've had and will have. However, I know that's what will be. I will be another Polaroid in their memories. I will move home to Kansas City not because they no longer need me, but because it is the right choice for me, because I know that there is a limit to how long I can do this particular job. It's not all about the kids or all about the duties or all about how very far away I feel from the people I love. It is the sum of all those things being something bigger than I can manage for the long term.

And I miss home. Home not in the sense of just a city, but of how so many things that happen to be somewhere else add up to being home for me. Jarod is home to me. Cooking for myself and the people I love in my own kitchen is home to me. Jack and Mary Liz are home to me. My friends and my church are home to me. Riding the MAX to the City Market for coffee and produce shopping is home to me. Being able to relax is home to me.

I hesitate to write too much here about what I feel about being here because I fear that my employers could find it and read it and get a negative impression I don't intend to leave. I am privileged to be here, and I want to do my job well and live well while I am here. What this experience has given me, and is giving me, is incredibly valuable to me, as I hope it is to Frank and Al and their parents. To express that I want very much to go home is not meant to detract from the fact that I feel that this is where I am meant to be for this time of my life. If there were a way I could stay longer and be okay, I would do that. If there were a way I could go home tomorrow, I would do that, too.

Do you see now why this is difficult? Perhaps we should just cue up Natalie Imbruglia on my life soundtrack and let the screen fade to black.

I miss you, Kansas City.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Shonda Rhimes is Causing Me Undue Emotional Distress

And I am eating that emotional distress right out of her hand, too, by tuning in every single week to see what happens next. But Shonda doesn't like to give up what happens next very easily. Thus, the undue emotional distress. Knock it off, Shonda, or I'll...I'll...I' be watching your show? Dangit, I don't have any good threat for her.

I will say, however, that if she kills off Meredith for good, I'm afraid I won't be able to like her very much. And I know that it matters to Shonda whether I like her or not, so I'm guessing she'll resurrect Meredith with some cheese-oid message from beyond the grave that she'll deliver all blandly, yet with a considerable amount angst and earnestness.

Aside: Did anyone else notice that Meredith's hair looked much better in death than it does in life? Is that what heaven is, better hair and a couple of recently deceased hot guys saying hi? If so, I'm in. Take me to meet my maker.

As much as I hate the undue amount of emotional distress (SHONDA) (I'm going to say her name in an accusatory manner until it makes me feel better, by the way.), I must say that it's not nearly so bad as sitting through the horror previews at the movies. Is anyone else peeved by this? Lately (and by "lately" I mean "way back in December") the movies I've been seeing have been R-rated, but they've been dramas. I go in all excited, thinking that not only am I going to see a high quality movie that was made with the entertainment of grown-ups in mind, but I also get to see a lot of great previews for other movies that were made with the entertainment of grown-ups in mind.

And then they show me horror previews. Which: Excuse me?

I am not in high school. I did not come to see a horror movie. I came to see a DRAMA. You know, where they're all dramatic and stuff and they say emotional things? And there is thinking and a fair amount of emotional conflict? Why on earth do the movie people think that folks that come in to enjoy a good drama want to see the most alarming bits of slasher films? I don't know.

But I do know that they make Shonda Rhimes look much more kind, so I guess she should be grateful. Until they get a clue, and then, SHONDA, it's just you I'm not liking very much.

Look out, woman.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

And The Nanny of the Year Award Goes to...

...someone other than me.

Tuesday night I made up all sorts of little post-it notes for myself because Wednesday was to be Al's Valentine party, and I had signed up to bring juice boxes. I was in a bit of a panic going to bed, thinking I'd somehow for get them and then there would be no juice, ohmygoodness, what would happen THEN? (Probably kids would be thirsty?) And then there was a snow day, so I took down all my cute little notes, only to put them all back up before bed last night, because what if I didn't and then I forgot the juice? (Again: Kids, thirsty.)

Of course I woke up this morning thinking of juice and more juice and only juice, not needing the notes at all. I put the number of boxes indicated in the reminder e-mail into a bag and set it next to Al's other school stuff so that it would get to school with him and everything would be in order for the party. I blithely sent him off, congratulating myself for remembering the juice. Aren't I so good and clever, remembering the juice without looking at my twenty kajillion notes? So smart and responsible, yes, that's me!



At noon my cell phone rang. We'd forgotten something for the party. You know, the VALENTINE party? Which tradition dictates should include the exchange of VALENTINES? I'm sure you'll never guess what we forgot! That we didn't even buy! It's silly, really!


I feel like such a moron.

(A clearance-grabbing, valentine-taping-together, making up for idiocy with industry moron, but a moron nonetheless.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First We All Slept In, and Then I Made Waffles

And then I had to change my shirt because I dripped waffle batter all over it when I was licking the waffle batter spoon.

It's a snow day! I was beginning to think that everyone in the tri-state area was lying to me about there actually being a season resembling winter here, but it turns out you were correct. Now it's sleeting. I really wish you'd been lying.


I feel compelled to confess that I kind of lied about the sleeping in part. Both kids slept a tiny bit longer than usual, but I wouldn't call it sleeping in by any stretch of the imagination. I'd call it "getting up by eight when they didn't have to get up before noon, the little crazies." These are the days I miss Mary Liz and her nap-loving ways. We were two peas in a pod, but that's just because I taught her right from the very beginning. And because she's pretty much awesome.


Happy Valentine's Day, by the way. Jarod and I will be celebrating when I go to Kansas City for the weekend. I got him a bunch of the most boring Valentine gifts ever. They're utterly useful and completely dull. I'd tell you what they are, but then A) you'd fall asleep and might drool on your computer, and B) he'd already know what he was getting. I think I've stolen enough fun from the holiday by getting mind-numbingly blah presents; the very least I can do is keep them a surprise until he opens them.


I put a new little map (found via Holly's livejournal) at the very bottom of the page, and now I know where all of you live, or at least where you are when you read my blog. Turns out some of you are in Norway. Hello, Norwegians!


Have I mentioned Happy Valentine's Day? Happy Valentine's Day, readers. I hope it's a good one.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear Target,

Please stop being so awesome until I am done paying off my debt and saving for the following:

1. The wedding.
2. The honeymoon.
3. My exquisitely adorable new kitchen from IKEA.

My wallet appreciates your cooperation, and I would appreciate it if you would save one of these for me and maybe mark it down by 75% once I am ready to purchase it.

All my clearance shopping love,

PS--Also you could stop charging me for parking. Seriously.

Monday, February 12, 2007

You Can Call Me Weirdy McStrangerton

Amalah tagged all her readers to do a meme, and since I've skipped out on so many I've been tagged for in the past, partly due to laziness and partly due to my swiss cheese memory, I decided to do this one. It's called Six Weird Things About Me. Laziness won't keep me from this one, as I've got a deep well to draw from, making this post one that will pretty much write itself. Here we go:

1. As a child I found the smell of my own hair to be so comforting that I would hold it in front of my nose habitually. These days if I find myself doing that, I stop myself, but I still can't take it for long if I notice that my hair smells different than usual. I find it to be disconcerting, and I feel somewhat compelled to wash it as soon as possible.

2. I like to eat cheese crackers and milk chocolate. Together. The best combination is Kashi TLC cheese crackers and Hershey's Kisses.

3. I regularly have trouble falling asleep because I am hungry, and I have gone so far as to keep snacks in my nightstand so that I can just eat something really quickly and get to sleep.

4. I have a fear of not being able to get clothes off once I get them on. It took me a really long time to be able to wear clothes that have to be pulled off over my head, and there are still a lot of things I won't try on at stores unless I've got a good friend nearby that can help me out if I get stuck. Ultimately, I prefer to be able to pull my arms out first and then lift the garment over my head.

5. I really like wearing those toe separators you get to wear during a pedicure. They feel nice.

6. I have a favorite kind of ice.

If you're reading this, you've been tagged. Go on now, let your freak flag fly.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blog Redesign Winter 2007: COMPLETE!

I do hope you like a face full of doughnut each time you visit. I made that image large for a reason, and that reason is that I love doughnuts.

Considering the fact that my knowledge of HTML is rudimentary at best, I'm quite pleased with myself for getting all this put together. Blogger claims that it's easier now to customize, but that's just a half-truth, or maybe merely a quarter truth. The choices they allow are quite limited, and the only truly easy changes were for things like font (for which there are only six choices anyway) and colors (also limited selection). You still have to start with one of their templates, and there's not one that easily allows for plugging in a photo for the header, which is the one thing I wanted. With a lot of help from Photoshop and image hosting by flickr, plus a great deal of trial and error (or perhaps that was just a great deal of ERROR! ERROR! PAGE LOOKS LIKE CRAP! PLEASE TAKE REMEDIAL HTML LESSONS!), I've somehow turned out what I was hoping for all along.

Enjoy, y'all. And thanks for reading.

Please Pardon My Mess

I'm having...difficulties. With my page redesign, that is. This is probably because I really have no clue what I'm doing. I'm figuring it out very slowly. Please bear with me.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Will No Longer Be Available to Do Anything, Ever

Because I found Etsy, and I just can't tear myself away. Merely entering the word "bunny" into the search box has kept me occupied for a good hour at least, and I'm not even done looking. And the list of words to enter into the search box? (Kittycat! Birdie! Trees! Owl! HANDBAG!) Just keeps getting longer.

See you, um, never.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blog Redesign: Coming Soon!

For some time now I've been using the updated version of Blogger, the kind where it's linked with my Google account so that I have one less password to remember, except not really, because I use the same one for everything, making it easy to fall prey to the identity theft. However, having perused the results of my personality test, I am fairly certain that no one wants to be me, so I'm not worried. (Except that I'm prone to worry, apparently, and therefore, maybe I should be worried, because that would be just like me.) (And still, I keep that one same password. Maybe it's because I'm drawn to sad things, and being worried is kind of sad?) ANYWAY. The deal with the new Blogger, besides the Google link/no additional password necessary thing, is that it easily allows for a ton more customization. I've been wanting a more customized blog since forever, but have been too lazy to migrate away from Blogger (probably due to my lower energy) to get it. And now I have the option, and have had the option, but still, I've had other things to do.

You know, like napping (twice today, likely due to my lower energy) and feverishly pushing up the level on the StairMaster in the basement (hidden away, so I won't be looked at) order to offset the effects of eating as many Hershey's Kisses as I desire (and thereby sabotaging myself) for lunch. Which exertion must be offset by naps. It's cyclical, you see. And thus, the same old template remains. But I pledge to you, because it's come to that (so later I can be strict with myself about it), that I will redesign by next Monday. Does that sound like a deal? Please say yes, because otherwise I might be both offended and hurt, not to mention wounded at the core.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Two Days in the City and No One Got Lost

Well, except that one time we lost Dad in Target. But that was in Stamford, not in the city.

no, really, he's having fun

That's what Dad looks like when he's having a great time.

i think mom is a little bit cold

It was a little bit cold this weekend. I'm sure you can't tell that, though, can you?

photo taken by driver included in exhorbitant charge for carriage ride

All in all, I'd say we had a great time.

do you hear the angels singing and the peasants rejoicing?

Especially during the part where we got to eat doughnuts.

(Thanks for the all natural goodness, Doughnut Plant.)

Head over to flickr to see more photos from our weekend.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

More Where That Came From

fence posts

I've been steadily adding to my New York City set, but I haven't been reminding you on a regular basis that, hey, there are new photos over there. I just uploaded some recent ones today. Go on over and see what's new.