Thursday, February 15, 2007

And The Nanny of the Year Award Goes to...

...someone other than me.

Tuesday night I made up all sorts of little post-it notes for myself because Wednesday was to be Al's Valentine party, and I had signed up to bring juice boxes. I was in a bit of a panic going to bed, thinking I'd somehow for get them and then there would be no juice, ohmygoodness, what would happen THEN? (Probably kids would be thirsty?) And then there was a snow day, so I took down all my cute little notes, only to put them all back up before bed last night, because what if I didn't and then I forgot the juice? (Again: Kids, thirsty.)

Of course I woke up this morning thinking of juice and more juice and only juice, not needing the notes at all. I put the number of boxes indicated in the reminder e-mail into a bag and set it next to Al's other school stuff so that it would get to school with him and everything would be in order for the party. I blithely sent him off, congratulating myself for remembering the juice. Aren't I so good and clever, remembering the juice without looking at my twenty kajillion notes? So smart and responsible, yes, that's me!



At noon my cell phone rang. We'd forgotten something for the party. You know, the VALENTINE party? Which tradition dictates should include the exchange of VALENTINES? I'm sure you'll never guess what we forgot! That we didn't even buy! It's silly, really!


I feel like such a moron.

(A clearance-grabbing, valentine-taping-together, making up for idiocy with industry moron, but a moron nonetheless.)

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