Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I've Always Felt That Meetings are Mind-Numbing

Now there's research to back up what I've thought all along. I've never done well in meetings, preferring to let others make suggestions and just go along with whatever they say while doodling in my notebook and daydreaming. I find it hard to follow along when no one is making any new or interesting suggestions, just corporately mulling over the thing I already know they'll decide on in the end anyway.

Coincidentally, the feeling of utter boredom I get in meetings is the same feeling I had standing in the outfield that one season I played T-ball, before it was determined that it just wasn't my thing. I was known to completely ignore the ball (as well as the shouts from all the other players and parents) once it got to me because it had taken too long to get there, and I'd already moved on to more interesting pursuits in my mind.

It's an attitude that clearly says, "Wake up from my reverie when it's time for the snacks."


Dawn said...

I am with you on hating meetings. This past Sunday I was in an annual general meeting. It is supposed to be all serious-like. I ate donuts and giggled a lot. The girl sitting in front of me, turned around and said, "You don't do well in adult meetings, do you?"

No. No, I don't do well in adult meetings. In fact, in children's meetings I get shushed by the 2 year old. So there.

Shiz said...

My self esteem was so low in grade school that I would sit faaaaar out in the outfield when we played baseball and not switch sides when our team went up to bad.

I thought that no one noticed, but now I doubt that - the teacher probably noticed. But no one said anything.

Shiz said...

I'm also with Dawn. I love to sit in the back of meetings (or lectures) and goof off with an accomplice.

marymuses said...

I think we should all attend a meeting together, sit at the back, and eat snacks. What meeting do you think we should attend? I vote for something in a swanky hotel with high dollar crackers and fine cheeses.