Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Proof That I'll Make an Excellent Old Lady

Or maybe just proof that I've grown old before my time.

1. Last week at Target I found one of those microbead travel pillows that wraps around your neck, and it only cost $2.50, unlike the ones they sell at the airport, which are two for $20 or $12.50 each. Significant savings! Who can argue with that? Maybe the people who notice that the odor of plastic product that emanates from the pillow is quite strong. Still, I found this to be acceptable because it was cheap and useful. Which leaves me wondering what other odors I will soon find to be acceptable. Moth balls, perhaps?

2. I've grown overly fond of the ugly, brown recliner that lives in my room. In fact, I quite enjoy napping in it whenever possible. Morning, afternoon, evening, whathaveyou. It is a chair for all naps at all times of day. I've even ceased to care that it's the ugliest chair known to man. Who would care? It's comfortable.

3. Sometimes while napping in the chair, I'll bring a pillow over from my bed, but more often than not I'll just grab whatever is within arm's reach to cushion my head and neck (sweater, wadded up fleece blanket, etc.). Shortly after I purchased the travel pillow, however, I noticed it there on the sofa and decided to try it out. I now use the travel pillow every time I nap in the recliner. I'll even go out of my way to get it so I can use it.

Someone please help me.

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