Friday, February 16, 2007

Shonda Rhimes is Causing Me Undue Emotional Distress

And I am eating that emotional distress right out of her hand, too, by tuning in every single week to see what happens next. But Shonda doesn't like to give up what happens next very easily. Thus, the undue emotional distress. Knock it off, Shonda, or I'll...I'll...I' be watching your show? Dangit, I don't have any good threat for her.

I will say, however, that if she kills off Meredith for good, I'm afraid I won't be able to like her very much. And I know that it matters to Shonda whether I like her or not, so I'm guessing she'll resurrect Meredith with some cheese-oid message from beyond the grave that she'll deliver all blandly, yet with a considerable amount angst and earnestness.

Aside: Did anyone else notice that Meredith's hair looked much better in death than it does in life? Is that what heaven is, better hair and a couple of recently deceased hot guys saying hi? If so, I'm in. Take me to meet my maker.

As much as I hate the undue amount of emotional distress (SHONDA) (I'm going to say her name in an accusatory manner until it makes me feel better, by the way.), I must say that it's not nearly so bad as sitting through the horror previews at the movies. Is anyone else peeved by this? Lately (and by "lately" I mean "way back in December") the movies I've been seeing have been R-rated, but they've been dramas. I go in all excited, thinking that not only am I going to see a high quality movie that was made with the entertainment of grown-ups in mind, but I also get to see a lot of great previews for other movies that were made with the entertainment of grown-ups in mind.

And then they show me horror previews. Which: Excuse me?

I am not in high school. I did not come to see a horror movie. I came to see a DRAMA. You know, where they're all dramatic and stuff and they say emotional things? And there is thinking and a fair amount of emotional conflict? Why on earth do the movie people think that folks that come in to enjoy a good drama want to see the most alarming bits of slasher films? I don't know.

But I do know that they make Shonda Rhimes look much more kind, so I guess she should be grateful. Until they get a clue, and then, SHONDA, it's just you I'm not liking very much.

Look out, woman.


Shepcat said...

Welcome to February sweeps, Mary.

1. Shonda Rhimes et al. will never kill Meredith off because her name is in the title of the show.

2. You may begin anticipating now that Meredith will go through another life-and-death ordeal next February, because that's what they do. (ABC helpfully telegraphed the pitch this Friday evening by reairing last February's two-parter in which Meredith wakes up expecting to die that day and spends it holding a bomb in a guy's chest cavity before handing it off to Kyle Chandler so he may be vaporized in the quest for more advertising dollars. Worked out great for Chandler, because he got a series over at NBC for his trouble.)

Really, sooner or later, you're going to stop caring and start wishing they'd kill Meredith. Until then, Shonda's just doing what she has to do to sell those 30-second spots.

marymuses said...

Oh, yeah, February sweeps.

1. Yes, but she could still narrarate post mortem, couldn't she? I know it's not likely they'd kill her, but I'm sure they could make it work out.

2. I was quite torn up about the fact that they killed Kyle Chandler, regardless of the fact that he got the NBC gig. I kind of wanted him to live and end up dating Meredith. In my mind, she should be with anyone other than McDreamy. Perhaps they could kill him off next February; that would be quite satisfying. Or Alex could die an untimely death after impregnating Addison. Or Addison could die in childbirth, leaving Alex to raise their love child alone. Any of those options, really, would be just fine.

Shepcat said...

Damn, Mary. While I share your disdain for all the McCuteness on the show, you're way more cold-blooded than I had given you credit for. I was going to say that your first suggestion was a little too Desperate Housewives, but your other potential plotlines have me thinking you should totally write a spec script and submit it to Shonda. By demonstrating a willingness to kill off established characters in service of more dramatic story arcs, you could end up with a chair on the writing staff.