Monday, February 26, 2007

What I Did Today, In Pictures

In case you missed that last post, today I began my day in a most wonderful way--by burning myself with scalding water. YESSS!!!!

Here's a photo of the top half of my left leg, after two hours of cold compresses. You may notice the big welts. Those are blisters. Pretty!

that's my blistery burn

If I'm going to burn myself, I'm going to do it right. I went ahead and got some little blisters on top of the big blisters. I am all KINDS of fancy. Also all kinds of disgusting. See? Who takes photos of their gross burn and shows the internet? Me, apparently.

ew, gross, little blisters

After that I slapped a little aloe on it, threw on some very attractive flannel penguin pajama pants, and went to CVS for burn care supplies. The first thing I picked up was some special burn gel. On the box it said it was used by EMTs and the military. I'm a sucker, so I totally bought it, took it home, and smeared it all over my burn. It felt great, seriously. If I could be the spokesmodel for this product, I would, even though it smells like dead, rotting animals.

i highly recommend this product

WebMD recommended that I also use antibiotic ointment, so I bought some of that, too. Maximum strength. PLUS pain relief. Load it up!

faux neosporin plus pain relief

Also necessary: Huge ass gauze pads.

big ass gauze pads

Those are my own scissors, though. I didn't let CVS overcharge me for anything other than what was necessary.

After smearing the burn gel, er, excuse me, BURN JEL PLUS all over my wound, I discovered that the antibiotic wouldn't just smear down nicely on top. So I smeared it on a huge ass gauze pad instead.

gauze pad with faux neosporin

Then I smacked it right down on my burn! Okay, wait, no, I laid it gingerly on my burn. I might have a high tolerance for pain, but I'm not a total moron. You know, this time.

gauze pad application

And then it was puzzle time with Mary.

like pieces of a puzzle

But those gauze pads won't stay down on their own. I recommend using gentle paper tape, even though later I had to add some waterproof first aid tape to make it all stay put.

gentle paper tape

Once it was all taped down, I thought it looked pretty good.

the wound is bandaged

And then I stood up, and it looked like a small child or perhaps a monkey had done first aid. I was too embarassed to take a photo, so I just got dressed and added one final ingredient.

always handy

And you know what? I think I'm going to live.


holly said...


*hug* hope you feel better soon!h

Shiz said...

Ow. You did right. They teach you ALL about burns when you work in coffee. Cold water, then burn gel, we had burn gel pads all ready in paks, no smearing necessary. Then I went looking for burn gel at the pharmacy and there wasn't any. Maybe it was too "professional" for home use. Dunno. Love to have some of that handy, tho.

Aimee said...

You poor dear! How terribly painful that looks!

I'm glad you were able to find something to help ease your discomfort.

Please take care - go for iced coffee! :)