Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Slob Lives Here?

Oh, right. Uh, me.

I neglected to tell you that I went to Vermont this week. After traveling over the weekend, I spent approximately to forty-two hours here before driving through three cities' worth of rush hour traffic (New Haven! Hartford! Springfield!) to get Frank and me to the ski house in Vermont. I suppose it's no wonder that I really didn't care to talk about it.

The house in Vermont is actually quite peaceful, and I have absolutely no complaints about being there. The drive to and from, however: OY. Not so enjoyable. Also the part where I never got all my stuff put away from the weekend? And had just washed clothes which I'd laid out to dry on my floor? All over the floor, as there were a lot of them? Kind of disastrous when it comes to my attempt at keeping things tidy. I now have a stack of wrinkly clothes draped over the back of the couch, an open suitcase on the floor which I rifled through last night while searching for all my toiletries, packaging from a box I opened just before I realized I was running late scattered throughout the general living room type area, and various snacks piled in various snacking locations.

And yet, I have not attempted to touch any of it, for I had a job to do. I was obligated to watch Hugh Grant movies while finishing up editing photos from my parents' visit at the beginning of the month. The results of this herculean effort are up on flickr, and your no charge preview is right here. Sorry about the Statue of Liberty obsession. I just can't help it. Enjoy!

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