Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ah, Spring

One of the things that is good about being back to work is that I have a routine again. I don't do so well at being healthy without a plan; thus my vacation, while relaxing and fun, was a disaster in the workout and nutrition arenas. As much as it sounds trite to say it, I just feel so much better when I can exercise regularly. And, generally, when I am eating well. I say generally because in the wintertime, that all falls to pieces. In the wintertime, I feel better when I am exercising regularly and eating things that have been baked. My stomach takes a gander at what I give it and asks, "Um, excuse me, was this baked? Because it seems rather like it was steamed or grilled or not even cooked at all, and I don't take kindly to that in the colder months." All winter long, my stomach asks for iced lemon slice and chocolate croissants and, heaven help me, casseroles. And I have tried. Oh, internet, I have tried it all, but to no avail. My stomach wants what it wants, and who am I to argue? (No one, that's who. Have you ever tried arguing with a finicky digestive tract? Did you win?)

And so I welcome spring, a chance for my stomach to once again accept with pleasure fresh fruits, salads, and assorted grilled fare. Welcome, spring. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

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Shiz said...

Here's an AWESOME spring food combo:

Fresh Blueberries
Fresh spinach
a mild honey-mustard dressing
(other salad ingredient, if desired -- optional)

It all tastes SO GOOOOOOOD together. I swear!