Monday, March 19, 2007

And I Said, "Oh, Um, Okay"

instructions worth following

And then I went and bought a couple of novels and stayed overnight, camped out on the floor next to two mothers and their young daughters and just down the way from a high school choir.

Did you know that if you're snowed in at LaGuardia, they come around handing out free blankets? They do! Also, if you're just down the corridor from a high school choir, they will sing for you, and it will be quite lovely. If you're down the corridor from the cheerleaders, however, I've heard they'll do lots of cartwheels and cheerleading jumps, though I didn't bear witness to those shenanigans, thank goodness for Chef Boyardee. Turns out that choosing the end of the terminal nearest the food court was an excellent choice for more than one reason (that initial reason being that I had to walk just ten steps to the escalator to fetch myself iced mochas).

While it wasn't the most comfortable night I've spent anywhere, and though I was pretty bummed that I wouldn't make it into Kansas City on Friday, having my flight cancelled due to "wintry mix" wasn't the worst thing I've ever experienced. Midwest Airlines did an excellent job re-booking me for the first possible flight out Saturday morning, and the airport felt very safe and cozy thanks to the aforementioned free blankets and the police officers on cheerful patrol. Except for the part where I had to drag my luggage to and from the restroom because I was alone and there was no one else to watch it for me, everything went fairly smoothly. I got a lot of reading (422 pages) done, managed to get a bit of sleep, and did a great deal of high quality people watching. If I ever am stuck in an airport for twenty-one extra hours again, I only hope it goes as well as it did this go 'round.


Jennifer said...

Holy Mackeral!
422 pages? I think I read that much in four years of university, but don't tell my profs that! Although I'm certain they could tell from the quality - or lack thereof - of my essays... but sheesh. I think I need to take a speed reading course, my comprehension just does NOT allow that kind of devouring of literature. I spend WAAAAY too much time re-readign paragraphs, etc. it is really annoying.
Except for physical discomfort and the luggage in the bathroom hauling issue (I've been there), it actually kinda sounds like fun. Anywho, I'm happy it didn't turn out miserable for you!
Hugs! and smile at kansas City for me, ok?? I miss smiling at it. 4yrs 4 months, for those who are keeping track...

Aimee said...

It was great having you and Jared join us last night! So fun to see your sweet face. We can't wait to have you back for GOOD! :) Have a fun week!