Sunday, March 11, 2007

Faith in the Good of Humanity: Restored!

Today as I made the long A train trip from 190th to 14th (no C trains, A makes all local stops! GREAT!), I noticed an elderly woman get on the train at the last minute. She was little and wrinkled as on old raisin, and she was having trouble getting on. Immediately, the thuggish looking man seated two down from me rose from his seat, offered her his hand with a smile and a nod, saying, "Need help?" She reached out for his proffered hand and he steadied her short walk to the place he'd vacated. When it was time for her to get off, he made note of her gathering her things and held out his hand again to help her to the door and across the gap out into the station.

I beamed at him then, a big, toothy smile of gratitude, and he smiled back.


amy w. said... yorkers are very kind-hearted people.

Jennifer said...

if I may comment on the comment... we now know that THAT New Yorker is at least sometimes kindhearted, Not that all NYers are. Not that I'm dissing NYers!! I'm just clarifying our conclusions here...
Anywho, it is a wonderful thing to see, isn't it? I had the pleasure a NUMBER of times in Toronto on the subway esp. I was almost always amazed at people's thoughtfulness in that regard. Pretty cool.

Shiz said...

That's so SWEET!