Thursday, March 08, 2007

In an Attempt to Tidy Things Up, Today is Devoted to Reading Magazines

No, seriously. It is an item on my To Do list. The kids skipped town early in pursuit of a ski race this weekend, so I'm left with some unexpected free time and a need to fill it constructively.

Each week the kids' mom receives what I like to call a passel of magazines--People, Elle, House Beautiful, W, Vogue--and when she's done with them, she sets them on my stairs for me to peruse. It's generally an excellent arrangement; I never have to buy myself magazines. However, when life gets set on Busy Mode, they pile up all too quickly, and I find myself staring at an unruly pile of periodicals. So that's it for today. There are about twenty magazines in the stack, some of which contain actual articles, not just shiny, shiny pictures of handbags and shoes.

I'd better get crackin'.

1 comment:

Shiz said...

Any In Style mags? Those are like crack.

That and Real Simple, Cooking Light and Good Housekeeping. Yummy.

Me = DORK. That is all.