Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Last night I took on some extra sitting for a family I really like here in town. I did some Mad Libs with the two youngest, quizzed the eleven-year-old for his test on China, and watched a cheesy Disney Channel movie, after which the kids went to bed and I settled in to watch Super Nanny and What About Brian. I was there a very relaxed three hours. I made thirty easy dollars.

Today I opened up a progress report on my sponsored child in Zambia. His family of seven lives in a one bedroom brick structure which has a coal stove, a concrete floor, and one bed. There is no electricity available. His father supports the family as a driver. He makes thirty dollars per month.


Shiz said...


marymuses said...

Yeah. No kiddin'.

Mike said...

Yup, strange world.

So... can I ask?

marymuses said...

Ask what? I'm confused.