Thursday, March 01, 2007

It Was a Race Against Time

Time won.

Is still winning, I should say. What happened to my day? My week? My...whatever?

"Your brain?" you may be asking.

Yes, that too.

It's been a good week, but the day kind of exploded all over the place. Bedtime is 9pm for Al, but he still sits across the table from me, finishing up his homework, begging for hints, at 9:24. I'd be anxious, but it turns out that Grey's Anatomy is a rerun, so I'm better able to just go with the flow.

Did I just admit out loud that Grey's Anatomy being a rerun lowers my stress level?

Yes, yes I did.


Shiz said...

Is someone getting you TiVo for a wedding present? Because they should. And you should definitely register for it.

marymuses said...

Can I register for a TiVo at Target? If so, I'm on it.