Friday, March 02, 2007

I've Been Tagged: The Perfect Song

Tim Samoff, most likely sensing that I would have nothing to do on a Friday night but watch Martin Lawrence on Oprah, tagged me to do a little something that requires actual thought. The rules (according to Mark Oestreicher, who made the whole thing up, probably when he also was faced with a Friday night with nothing but Oprah on his social calendar) are as follows:

1. scan through your itunes or cd library. refamiliarize yourself with the nooks and crannies of your musical options.

2. identify five categories — genres, if you will — of music. these should be as obscure and finely-articulated as you’d like. feel free to use modifiers liberally.

3. nominate — select, really — a “perfect song” for each category. include a link for each song to something (the amazon page for the CD, or the artist’s website, or whatever). you may find it easier, as i did, to find “perfect songs”, and craft categories or genres around them.

4. ideally, some of the songs will be nominally obscure, or, at least, not completely mainstream and overplayed. no need to tell us all about songs we all know!

Without further ado, my list:

1. The perfect Why can't he just love me back? song: "Paper Cup" by Heather Nova, from her album Siren.

2. The perfect Doing anything around the house, from spackling to napping song: "Nocturne in E Minor, Opus 72" by Frederick Chopin. The version I have is played beautifully by Ivan Moravec.

3. The perfect newish old-timey song: "In My Time of Dying" by The Be Good Tanyas. This was a tough call, as there are a ton of newish old-timey songs that I love. Gillian Welch had a number in the running, as did Iron & Wine, but in the end, I was just feeling it more with this one.

4. The perfect Come here, kitty, and allow me to force you to contort as if you are doing interpretive dance song: "Steal My Kisses" by Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, from the album Burn to Shine.

5. The perfect Doing arts and crafts while contemplating the meaning of life song: "Rocket Man" as covered by Jason Mraz. This is a live recording, passed on to me by Tim Samoff himself when we did a little Mraz trade way back when. I have no idea where he got it, only that he "has sources" and "ways of acquiring these things." I bet he'd tell me if I pressed the issue, but then he'd probably have to kill me.

Now I'll pass on the favor by tagging Shiz, who sends me new songs on a regular basis, and Mark & Amy, who share a blog but not necessarily taste in music. Whaddaya got, kids?


timsamoff said...

#4... Oh, yes, #4. :D

markbe said...

heck, yeah, #4! video!
did three, left two for Amy. you will be required to listen to "Rise..." in the future.

Shiz said...

I want to hear the Mraz Rocket Man now.

Do you know the William Shatner version?

marymuses said...

You guys will have to wait for video until the next time I go home. I'd have Jarod do it on his own, but he lacks my finesse as a kitty choreographer.

Shiz, I'll send you the Mraz. I'm not familiar with the Shatner version. I supposed I'll have to check it out.