Friday, March 09, 2007

The Thing We Really Should Marvel Over is the Fact That My Pants Still Fit

Lately I've been doing this thing, the brand new thing where I don't freak out so much about all the things that Must! Be! Done! Soonish! For example, I just had a discussion with the kids' mom about all the things that must be acquired for their trip to the Caribbean, and it is, indeed, a LOT of stuff, and yet here I am, cool as a cucumber, even though the list is stunningly extensive and cannot be tackled until Monday. Generally my reaction is to get all anxious that it won't get done and make eleventy kafillion lists and then maybe not sleep for a few nights because What! If! It! Doesn't! Get! Done!?

What I've figured out it that it nearly always gets done, and also that one list is plenty, and yet another also, which is that I rather like sleeping more than I like worrying. I know! I am Making Strides! And Learning New Coping Skills! And maybe even Chilling Out a Little Bit!

I'd be really proud of myself, except I suspect this is really just the cookies talking.

Both varieties I've consumed by the half dozen today.

And also maybe that quarter of a coffee cake.

But who can say, really?


Jennifer said...

I am proud of your strides forward in relinquishing anxiety! These are important for life and health and godliness. Seriously! But dude... the sugar thing... man... OOH for your metabolism! I really don't understand it. As someone who has battled candida, I would recommend NOT continuing these pratices while pregnant or breastfeeding (ESP), if you want to avoid this nasty imbalance of sugars that can cause a lot of pain, and be a BUGGER to get rid of. Like, way worse than a pertinacious cough.
And yes, I do marvel at how you manage to maintain such a petite figure while not having that particular tooth extracted from your mouth. :P I certainly would not.

Shiz said...

I'm proud of you, too!