Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When Dorks Collide

While I was home last week, Jarod and I had our engagement photos done. We had them done late in the week, after I'd been mostly sitting around, eating great quantities of barbecue and entire containers of milk chocolate covered caramels. I'm surprised I was still standing at that point, that my belly wasn't so distended that it knocked me flat on my back and allowed a glimpse of its glory from space. Word to the wise: less food or photos earlier in the week. Seriously. Save yourself some Photoshopping.

This is, obviously, the best shot of the day.

behold my dorkness

Rivaled only by this one:

jarod reveals his high level of dorknicity

We are so super fabulous! Also glamorous:

posing like high school seniors

Not to mention just plain HOT. Like tamales, we are.

we are so very hott

Or maybe we're just plain cute, and our photographer humored us by posing us like high school seniors. Who can say?

the two of us

Special thanks to 1) Russell Walker, our photographer; and also 2) my skin, which, despite all the barbecue and chocolates, did not erupt in a million little pimples.

the happy couple


Shiz said...

I love the first one! I love it! It looks like a Sears catalogue photo.

Shiz said...

The "hot tamales" one also looks like a cataloge photo.

You two are so cute!

James E. Robinson, III said...

Russell did a great job. Both of you keep smiling.

holly said...

they are so awesome!!! i really do like the first one, i think it is my favorite. the glamorous one does show off your cute bootie, tho. :)