Thursday, April 19, 2007

And Then Something Wonderful Happened

I wasn't hungry anymore!

And also I found agave nectar. I'd considered stevia, but there's still some question as to toxicity if it's consumed in larger quantities, like more than, say, a bit in your tea couple of times a day, so I decided to try agave instead. Agave nectar is all natural (mine's even organic) and has a low glycemic index, which is one of the key components of my new style of eating. It tastes delicious in both tea and yogurt. This site includes a podcast about it, as well as an Oprah clip. Podcasts and Oprah? It must be for real! I realize this site looks a bit biased since they sell the product, but all the other research I did also indicated that it is indeed good for me. This just happened to be the site that had the most useful info in the form of the podcast (you can take or leave the Oprah as you see fit). (Though I do like the part where Dr. Oz offers a prescription to chemotherapy as an effective weight loss tool if weight loss is all you're after. Ha!) (Also, do you think I've used enough parentheses yet?)

Right. Anyway. One of the things the author of the plan I'm using mentioned is that if you've eaten a higher fat diet up until you begin this, you may be hungry for a few days at the beginning because your body wants that fat back. So my decision was to just keep going through the hunger, and if I was still hungry by Friday, I'd find something else to do or make modifications. I'm going to stick with the entire program for two weeks to see how it goes, cheat day and everything, and if it's not working, I'll modify. But for now at least the hunger part is out of the way. (Thank heaven for 7-Eleven.)

One of the reasons that I chose this program, honestly, is because of the cheat day. I know that I can eat really well for six days as long as I'm promised a little break. The author of the book mentioned that it is far better to eat well the majority of the time and terribly for just one day than to eat sort of terribly every day. I know that there are some people who could have just one chocolate or one small brownie each day and be fine with that, but I would rather wait for it and be able to have as much of it as I want. For some people, I think that giving up sugar and flour for six whole days and only getting to eat what they want on one day would seem like a ridiculous level of deprivation, but I know that I would feel more deprived if I had to stop at a preset limit every single day as compared to abstaining for a time and then being able to eat my fill. I'm also not too concerned about that one day of junk a week confusing my body, and even if it does, maybe it will just be confused right into looking like Halle Berry's body. Wouldn't that be nice?

Yes, yes it would.


holly said...

links other sweeteners besides sugar:

i know honey's on there, but that's not what you're looking for if you're doing the low glycemic index, but the others may be helpful.

as for stevia and toxicity - from everything that i've heard/read, stevia is nontoxic. i mean, it's been used in Japan for many many years, and no problems there.

google stevia toxicity and there's a bunch of links. :)

marymuses said...

You're right about honey--I love the way it tastes, but it will send the ol' blood sugar level through the roof. Part of the reason I chose agave is because its consistency is a lot like honey and the taste is similar, but with that highly desirable low GI factor. Also it's available right in my local grocery! Handy!

I'm sure that stevia is probably fine, but since I read conflicting reports, I decided to just go with something else. Please tell stevia I said, "No hard feelings! I'll probably like you once I get to know you!"

And thanks for all the great links! I should have you do all my internet research. :)

holly said...

oh, i'm sure stevia will be fine without one more fan. i've been meaning to try agave, but haven't picked it up yet.

as for sweetening my tea, i like maple syrup! :) it's really good in earl grey with milk. mmmmmmmm

Jennifer said...

it's been a while since I did stevia "research" ... but the way I remember it, the begrudgers were the allopathic, mainstream, anti-herby anti-natural type sources... the same ones that say "Oh Jenni, you should take this pharmaceutical 3x weekly for the rest of your life that was just released for the first time 5 years ago." and when questioned why they earlier expressed such a violent aversion to natural (dietary, even) methods, they said, "cause natural stuff is so dangerous!!! Being a scientist, I have to see 3rd generation studies on a substance, to make sure it doesn't have a negative impact on your GRANDCHILDREN."
oh... soooooo....
you know YOUR drug isn't gonna affect my grandchildren HOW?!?! or even ME later in life? when there have only been 15 years since the very very beginning of its first trials... hmmm... interesting.... yet, there is poor stevia, <3
been used 100s of years in some south american group/tribe/area (I know I suck for solid quantifiable info) in their traditional drinks.. whatever. and they were healthier than us, like everybody else.

This is all not to disparage agave... I'm quite happy you found it, you GO girl, wich yo bad agave self!
I'm just ranting, as I'll probably be heard more in your comment section than I would on my own blog. But I'm not bitter. Not at all bitter like an artificial sweetener aftertaste. :P
How'd ya like that full circle thing, pretty swift, eh?? heh heh *self congratulatory laugh*