Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fits of Longing

Lately I've been getting hungry a lot. And by a lot, I mean that sometimes I can't fall asleep because I'm so hungry. So I did a little looking around and decided I'd try out an eating plan that will stabilize my blood sugar.

I chose a plan that uses no sugar and no flour, which...WHAT? But it offers one cheat day per week, during which I can eat anything at all that I want (ahem*cupcakes*ahem*) so I figured that I could do it so long as it wasn't all the time. (I think we all recognize by now that I will not give up baked goods entirely.) And if it paid off by me not being so hungry, particularly at bedtime, it would be totally worth it. It seemed to make a lot of sense, what with the frequent meals and plenty of natural ingredients (except for the Splenda, but I won't get into how I feel about a sensible nutrition plan including a chlorinated product as an acceptable component of healthy meals), so I decided to go for it.

I started it yesterday, and today I have been hungrier than I've been since...since...since never. I have never been this hungry.

Thirty-six hours into it, I am hungrier than I have ever been in my life.

Obviously, this is totally working out for me.

Oh, cupcakes, how I miss you. Wait for me; I won't be long...
four in a box


canaan said...

yeah, lets not get into the whole splenda thing, it is just ridiculous to call a chlorinated form of sugar "Natural"....

As far as hunger stabilizing diets go I have found that my husband diabetic diet has actually helped with that problem quite a bit. You still cut back on baked goods. Everything is in true moderation and you eat a high protein with about 15 grams of carbs about 30 minutes before bedtime, seems to be working out. Plus, being who I am we have substituted all the processed crap the dieticians suggest with all natural alternatives and that helps with my food allergies. AMAZING!

Jennifer said...

I will argue for Stevia all the way for a sweetener. Genuinely natural, and genuinely good! And belive it or not, good FOR you! IT actually has BENEFITS like protecting AGAINST tooth decay and other things I can't remember just right now. The less processed form you get it in, the more licoricey aftertaste you get (it is just a leafy green herb) but the more nutritive benefit. You can get it in a whitey powdery form, more processed, less nutritive, but still not with all the hoopy detrimental aspects of other artificial sweeteners or even sugar itself. Stevia even fights AGAINST candida! hello?? yes, it is true.
I'm all about stevia. I'll mention that it is zero calories, even though I could care less if something had a million of them. But since other people care, I will mention it.

now... it is not as cheap as anything else.. that is the only bad thing I know of regarding our sweet treasure. But that is not its fault... market issue. :P ANywho, go for it, baby.

holly said...

i was going to write in about stevia, but someone beat me to it! so i will just second the recommendation.

this diet does not really sound like it's the right one for you. kudos to you for trying it out, but maybe it's time to move on and try something else. i'm all for cutting processed sugar and flour (i havne't successfully done it, but i'm all for it in theory!) but make sure you're getting regular snacks of veggies and protein.

you are a stronger woman than i, my dear.

dodo said...

doesn't having one day of baked goods a go go per week confuse your otherwise abstaining system?

would one cupcake a day be better??!!