Friday, April 13, 2007

I Suddenly Feel Compelled to Walk Under Some Ladders and Break a Few Mirrors

And also pet a lot of black cats, who will hopefully cross my path over and over and over again. It is Friday the 13th, after all. I think there's even a club that gets together to do all those things just to override everyone else's superstition.

Friday the 13th or no, I'm actually having a pretty fabulous day. I've had some Starbucks. I paid off a credit card that once had nearly $10,000 worth of debt on it. I had my first photo approved for sale at And work? Well, work is going really well right now. Maybe it's got something to do with me having a better attitude about things and deciding to just take it up a notch in the Just Deal With It Department, or maybe things are just nicer. Most likely it's both. But it's going well. Last night I read Huck Finn to Al in my best Huck Finn accent, and then I looked at all the rocks in his rock collection, admiring the sparkly ones in particular. And it was good. So many of the things that he loves to do (ahem*wallball*ahem) are things that I find as boring as staring at blank paper, but last night's activities were easy and natural. It was nice, for once, to get cozy and do things that we both enjoy. Because it's been hard for me, I'll admit, that there have been so few things we do together that I truly want to do for reasons other than wanting to hang out with him, to make him feel loved and valued and appreciated. Those are reasons enough, granted, and I do want him to know that I care enough for him that I will sometimes do things I don't really like because I know he enjoys them. But I also want him to understand that different people enjoy different things, and that there's much more fun involved when we find things in common so that everyone is having a great time.

Right. So anyway, all that to say:

Happy, happy, happy Friday! May your evening be filled with all the best things, and may mine find that they are re-running the What Not to Wear special (Behind the Seams!) they ran last week while I was staying in a hotel that did not have TLC as one of their cable offerings. Enjoy your weekend, internets!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for paying that sukkah off! YOU ARE THE ROCKINGEST, EVER!