Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well, Fine, I'll Just Eat This Entire Box of Granola Bars

I've been putting in some hard time on the StairMaster this week, partly because Jarod is coming to town this weekend, and we will be staying in NYC, home of Doughnut Plant, purveyors of the fine doughnuts you see at the top of this page. I intend to eat more than one of those, plus have the hot chocolate, so I'm creating a calorie deficit to rival all calorie deficits of time past.

The other part of the increased effort is that I made My Virtual Model five pounds thinner, and do you know how many more swimsuits look nice on her with just a five pound difference? Almost every swimsuit looks good on Five-Pounds-Lighter My Virtual Model, whereas there are only select suits that look good on Accurate My Virtual Model. So I decided that maybe I'd put in a little extra time and effort on the old StairMaster and maybe I'd also stop keeping entire bags of chocolate chips and/or Hershey's eggs in my room. I thought, "This will be easy! I'm probably just eating because I'm bored anyway!"




My stomach is just not buying this new system. I think it would prefer to just be more selective about swimsuits. And I think it also would like it if I'd restock the Trader Joe's peanut butter chewy granola bars already.

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