Sunday, April 15, 2007


When it comes to selling stock photos, the key is to, well, take a lot of photos. And then you have to actually process those photos, which, let's just be honest here, is not usually my method. My method is to take a lot of photos and then leave them on CF cards or in my "please process me" folder for indefinite periods of time. But now I am motivated! I have a purpose! I must work! Right here in this recliner! Wearing my pajamas! While watching E!

My life, it is just so difficult. Pray for me.


Or you could just go look at the fruits of my labors over at flickr. My three and a half hours of toil this morning yielded a great deal of new uploads. Enjoy.


Katy said...

Hi, Mary! My son Scotty and I are sitting at Latte Land on the Plaza in KC, working. Not in our pajamas, but darned close!! :) And then this man walks by, and Scotty says, "Did you see that guy? He's Mary's fiance." And then his eyes light up and he adds, "He's an Apple genius."

Many congrats! I am catching up on your blog after a bit of an absence.


Anonymous said...

May-Ree, do you know of the process by which one can save a series of "standard adjustments" in photoshop, and apply the saved file all at once? --ie, you could decide that to start with you want the pics 10% brighter 8% increased contrast and 11% increased saturation and resized to xyz pixels wide, and then save those options, and a simple push of a button will apply all that to whatever pic you want. It doesn't work for doing picture-specific things, but it can be a time saver if you know there are a few things you ALWAYS want to do to a pic. I'm sure D could explain the process and how/tos if need be. :)

I'm thinking that maybe things could be quicker for you that way?


Anonymous said...

btw, those silk scarves be pretty!


marymuses said...

Thanks, Katy! I did a pretty good job snagging a genius, didn't I?

Shiz, I know how to save my settings, but my problem is twofold:

1. I like to adjust the settings individually for each photo, to tinker with everything until it's just right. Even if the majority of the time I might make similar adjustments, I still like to look at each shot on its own. Because I'm anal like that.

2. I am editing photos on an iBook. A small iBook. It takes awhile for the RAW images to load, and then it's not so easy to see them as it is on, say, a 30" cinema display or something, so I have to scroll and zoom and scroll and zoom and *sigh* it just takes longer.

Obviously, I need to win the lottery so I can at least get a much faster machine and a much larger display. Or maybe I'll, uh, save my money until I can afford those things. (Drat! Logical thinking wins again!)