Thursday, May 17, 2007


There are three bags of clothes and shoes next to my door to be taken to a charity tomorrow, but it should be more. There are clothes I sent home already that I knew I shouldn't keep, but I sent them anyway because I am a greedy hoarder. I say that about myself in the kindest way possible, of course, because I think that being self-deprecating has limits, but recognize at the same time that it's 100% true. I have a habit of keeping things because maybe I might on the off chance use them someday. But I looked in my closet the other day, and I listened to some words that someone else said today, and I realized that it's just not right. Others have nothing, and I have...I have more. More than I need. More than is good or fair or right. I've always loved the line in Sabrina where she says, "Sometimes more isn't better, Linus. Sometimes it's just more." What I have isn't better; it's just more.

So I'm giving away the more. I listened to my heart, or my gut, or whatever you may call it, on this one, and if I felt that it should go, I put it in the bag, regardless of whether I really liked it or would likely use it or not. Because I know in my heart/gut what is good and right; sometimes I just don't pay attention. And this time I am determined to pay better attention.

I feel compelled to give to the charity here in town for many reasons, not the least of which is that they give the items to people who truly need them, free of charge, as opposed to selling them in a thrift shop. I like that. I like knowing that my excess will fill someone's true lack, not just go to anyone who wants to save a buck by buying used things (or some, ahem, new things I bought and haven't gotten around to wearing). My gut tells me it's the right place to go, and do you see this thing I've got going on with the gut and the listening? I'm for real, yo.

Now the only remaining question is: Should I give my roller skates away, or might I someday be involved in roller disco?

Please feel free to discuss.

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