Saturday, May 12, 2007

This is the Post I Wrote Before I Proceeded to Work One Twelve Hour Day and Four Sixteen Hour Days

I'm sure you can figure out why it hasn't actually shown up on the internet until today, when I have the luxury of sitting around in my pajamas for an hour, waiting for my breakfast to digest before I do a quick workout and get on with the twenty kajillion things that I didn't manage to get done during the week. Anyway, onward...


Last weekend my mom came into town to play sidekick to her good friend Andrea, who has never visited New York City and wanted to experience its finest offerings. I proceeded to do to Mom and Andrea the thing that Mom is all to familiar with by now, which is to walk their little legs off and then send them back for more. On Saturday we managed to hit all the most fabulous gastronomic destinations in my tour guide repertoire as well as the hottest sight-seeing spots (and by "hottest" I mean "in direct sunlight"). We returned to Connecticut at 10pm with full stomachs and a box of cupcakes. As is only good and right.

andrea and mom visit mecca

Sunday morning came all too early, and I must admit that by the time we had missed the Today Show by five minutes (we're brilliant!), tromped through Macy's, and had a quick lunch, I was pretty well wiped out. In the dark of the theatre, in the middle of the impressive production that is The Lion King, I wondered to myself if anyone would notice if I just shut my eyes for a minute. I began to wish I'd gotten a third enormous cup of coffee instead of stopping after the second. I'm sure you can guess that once we'd hit Zabar's and I had eaten my weight in delicious French toast at EJ's, I was feeling a little sluggish. It was no small feat to make it through a rather vague tour of Central Park (there's that one big fountain over there...somewhere...) through the subway, and onto our train back to the Constitution State.

Still, we all made it.

And we did it, mostly anyway, smiling.

andrea and mom on the brooklyn bridge

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