Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today Would Have Been So Much Easier If I Could Have Done My Job From My Recliner

I seem to have contracted some strange stomach bug that causes a lot of pain, but no fever, and allows me to feel fine when I am still. But when I move? Oy. Oh, and also when I eat, oy again. So today I mentioned it to the kids' dad, but was obviously still up and mobile, and I didn't ask for a sick day, and he didn't offer, so instead of sitting in comfort in the recliner, I made a Polish cake for Al's class research project festival tomorrow and also put together a delicious dinner that I couldn't eat. It was really great. Especially the part where I had to remake the custard filling for the cake because it fell out of the fridge and splattered all over the kitchen. Banner day! Yeah!

I know that there are a lot of things about being a nanny that make it easier than being a mom, but on days like this I find that I wish I were the mom. Because the mom? Could totally decide to order take out.

I'm just sayin'.


markbe said...

i suggest at least 3 days of nothing but Ensure.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mary. Daddy suuuks.

PS - Posting from FRANKFURT! :)