Sunday, June 10, 2007


The morning started off well enough. I did my usual pre-train Starbucks run, and the barista accidentally made me a venti instead of a grande iced mocha. When he asked if this was all right, I wanted to ask if he was crazy. Because, um, free coffee? As in, more than I ordered? Which is free? Hello, sir, not a problem. It's what we in the super-sized USA call a bonus. He then also stressed that there were three shots of espresso in it instead of two and I was all, "This would be a problem because....why?" And then I said thank you because I was, truly, thankful. And would become more thankful as the day went on. Because...



BLOOD! (Also my shoe and the hem of my skirt. Please note how careful I was not to disturb the BLOOD!)

About halfway through the train ride, a group of young-ish kids came into my car from the car behind, and one of them was bleeding from his elbow. In fact, it looked like a chunk of it had been gouged right out. And he stood there, dabbing at it with a dirty t-shirt, dropping the f-bomb from time to time, probably to alleviate the pain. I considered volunteering that I knew first aid, but then a girl stepped up and told him to tie the shirt around his arm above the injury and elevate the arm to help stop the bleeding, which is what I was going to recommend. I had thought about also telling him to put pressure on the wound, but what with the lack of skin and the dirty t-shirt factor, I decided tourniquet/elevation was a good call. I sat in my seat and said nothing, trying to figure out what had happened.

Have you ever tried to figure out what is going on when two out of three words in the conversation about the incident happen to be the F word? Level of Difficulty: Way Hard. At first I thought something had gone amiss with one of the heavy doors between the train cars, as I imagine that, were you to be standing the wrong way, you could get an elbow caught just so and have a chunk of flesh ripped off. Also, Injured Dude kept saying (between F words), "I TOLD you we shouldn't have been going into another car." But then when we stopped at the next station so Injured Dude could be met by an ambulance, the police also showed up.

i think dude's wearing a bullet proof vest
Ooh, that guy's wearing a bullet-proof vest!

And proceeded to walk through the train, billy clubs out, looking for the other parties involved. At first the conductor just thanked us for our patience while "a situation" was taken care of so we could get on our way, but later they announced that there had been "an altercation" and they would keep us apprised of what was required to get us on our way into the city.


detained for questioning

After finally finding someone who had witnessed what had happened, it was decided that our train must be kept in New Rochelle for investigative purposes, and we were all asked to step off the train and proceed up and over the tracks to the next waiting train, to which they had added two whole cars for the eight cars' worth of passengers that had to get off our train.

Again, neat!

on our way to another train

I managed to find a seat by high-tailing it to the end of the platform and choosing to sit next to a man who was wearing incredibly dark sunglasses and looking terribly annoyed at the state of affairs. At first he made a few snarky remarks, to which I replied with a positive air, but once I pulled out my copy of Us Weekly, he was totally through with me. In fact, he physically turned his body away from me as if to shield himself from the repulsiveness of a girl who really just likes the shiny shiny pictures.

Which was just fine with me, really, because I was moving on to better things. Like my venti iced mocha, which would have been long gone had it just been a grande.

See how nicely that whole deal worked out?


Jennifer said...

argh! Was going to comment, but baby started crying... I mainly just wanted to say LOVE YOU, thinking about you, reading the blog all the time even when I don't comment. :) sorry to be a lurker :)

a lurker with smiley faces though! hehe


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David said...

current first-aid protocol is that tourniquets are only used for amputations. Direct pressure is better, less risk of damage. of course, now you know this someone is bound to change it all again.

anyways, now you know. if something goes down at the Apple store, you're ready to play hero! :-)