Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Devil is in the Details

Or perhaps I should say: The BRIDEZILLA is in the details.

One of my favorite guilty pleasure shows these days is Bridezillas. These women are so ridiculous they make most brides look tame. And yet, I'm beginning to see how they'd get there, especially if they're detail-oriented people. And if they're tired. Like, um, somebody who might be me.

Back when we first decided to get married, I did a lot of planning for our wedding. I reasoned that if I did all that stuff ahead of time, I'd have less to worry about when the summer hit. And that was absolutely true. What I didn't count on in that line of reasoning was that all the time stretching before me would lull me into the ubiquitous "false sense of security," prompting me to be less than diligent with some of my plans. So here I am, in the summertime, working 65 hours a week, not sleeping enough, ever, with wedding stuff (which I could have done earlier) still yet to do. Also many things I needed other people to do are still left undone. Because I didn't remind people about things that I needed done. Because I thought I had time! Lots and lots of time!


So now I am tired and busy and I can't do it all. So I have asked for help. I am delegating! It should be great! But it's not! The truth is that anytime you delegate something to someone else, you have to accept that, because they are not you, and also probably cannot read your mind, they will not do it just like you would do it. So I'm having some things done for me, but they're not getting done exactly the way I would do them. And that's okay, right? It is! No really! It IS! Say it with me! IT'S OKAY IF IT'S NOT DONE JUST THE WAY MARY THE BRIDEZILLA WOULD DO IT HERSELF!

I was hoping that would make me feel better, but I think what I really need is a cookie and a nap.

It's going to be a long summer, especially for my poor fiance. Sorry in advance, babe.

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holly said...

it'll be ok mary. at the end of that day, you and jarod will be married, your friends and family will have witnessed a wonderful event, and you'll have a great time hanging out and enjoying the reception. no matter what happens.

so, take a deep breath, and eat your cookie. :)