Sunday, June 17, 2007

I've Become Completely Ridiculous

I've found a hair product that seems to work brilliantly for keeping the frizz at bay on humid summer days, but at $26 a pop, it seems a little much for me at the moment. While I may eventually cry uncle and go ahead and buy it, for now I am hitting the Sephora near Grand Central as soon as I exit the train and smoothing some into my hair from the tester bottle. I go to the same Sephora and apply it at the same mirror every single time, as if that weren't completely obvious, yet I still try to act all nonchalant about it in hopes that no one will catch on.


While in Sephora, I meandered over to the beauty implements section in search of a nail buffer, which I found without any trouble. Of course, I also found a small, soft, round brush designed for washing one's face. It said on the little card above its bin that it encourages cell turnover, and that sounded pretty good to me. So I bought one, thereby committing to using a brush to wash my face for however long it takes to figure out that my fingers work just as well.


I have decided that pedicures are definitely the way to go for foot care and toenail beauty. I could never get everything quite right, what with the awkward angles of knees and elbows between me and my lower digits, so I'm just letting professionals take care of it from now on. They do a marvelous job, plus they seem to like me, and always give me little extras, like longer foot/leg massages and even a shoulder massage while my nails are drying. However, all the good service in the world cannot override my tendency to be myself, and today I ruined both big toenails by shoving my feet into shoes too soon in the name of fashion. I ended up in the Grand Central Rite Aid, opening at least thirty bottles of polish in order to find the one shade that matched closely enough that no one would notice my at home touch-up.


I may have more for you later tonight if I can manage to connect a USB cable to the camera and the computer at the same time, but there's also a chance I'll be too busy pursuing my destiny as the proprietor of a vast bulk-mailing empire to do anything else. (In other words, somebody has to stuff all those wedding invitations into envelopes, and there's nobody else here but me.)

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