Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've Got Four Minutes to Write Something for You

I doubt I'll make it. So I'll sum up. Using numbers! How thrilling for you!

1. Work, work, work. 7 to 7, later on Thursdays, GAH!
2. Kids, obnoxious! Stoppit!
3. Visitors! Then another visitor! Then Jarod!
4. Only two minutes late to bed last night, should get medal or trophy or at least fancy patch to sew on backpack.
6. Self medication via bag of chocolate chips plus StairMaster equals balance.
7. Weddings are kind of a pain in the ass, perhaps we should have eloped?
8. I really want to go to Target, but doubt I'll have the time. Drat.
9. Oops, I used seven minutes.

1 comment:

A said...

Oh. Wow. Those Steve maddens are so cute it ought to be illegal.

Hang in there, and a belated congrats yourself.