Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ann Taylor Loft Thinks I am a Twee Little Twig

My butt disagrees, but really enjoyed the cream cheese brownie I fed it after I chose to purchase something that Ann and I don't disagree about the size on, which was shoes (which, I KNOW, but they were $8.98, and how could I help myself). I actually nearly bought the jeans in question, simply for the tiny number on the tag inside and also the fact that all clearance items were an additional 40% off the already reduced prices. I will confess that I also bought a pair of denim bermudas which will look very nice with the shoes and also with the designer shirt I bought a few doors down for 80% off. Which will go with the designer skirt I bought at the same store, also at 80% off. Which won't go with the tiny Christmas trees made of tinsel that I got down the street for $3 each because the clothing is spring/summer apparel and Christmas is in the winter. However, the Christmas trees will go with the weird ball ornament thingy I got for $1, probably because it is kind of weird (but adorably so) and also features figures made of pipe cleaner.

It's sidewalk sale weekend in my town. Clearly, someone should have locked me inside the house.


There's a film being shot here in town that stars both Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, and a few weeks ago I moseyed on down to take a look and maybe get some photos. I got some really fun shots of all the old cars they are using (most from the 1950s) and also one shot of Leo, which got me in a little bit of trouble. The guy was all, "Well, Dreamworks doesn't really like it when people take photos of the actors once they're in costume and they've hit their mark, so if you don't mind..." I told him I wouldn't take any more and he continued, "Not that you'd do anything unscrupulous with them or anything, but we find that it's hard to relax..." And then we just stood there, as it took me awhile to realize that what he really wanted was for me to put the camera away, but obviously didn't want to say that. I'm guessing it's because I am legally allowed to stand on a public street and take photos if I wish, but whatever. I put the camera away so that Leo could be more relaxed and focus. So if you go to see the movie Revolutionary Road next autumn, you may thank me for Leo's excellent, relaxed performance in the front yard. That part where he's digging and he says his lines with excellence? That was thanks to me, putting my camera in my backpack.

is that leonardo dicaprio?
Leo is not disturbed by me OR by the garbage can they put his chair next to. So professional, that one.


It's not like I haven't said it before, but I really don't like the puppy we have here. I've been trying, I truly have. I've been speaking kindly to him and letting him tug playfully on my skirt when he wants me to come out of the laundry room to play with him. I've been using my special animal voice to convey a spirit of goodwill. But the naughty dog just can't keep from being a total pain.

The family is out of town today and part of tomorrow, and they've asked me to look after the dogs while they're gone. This should be fairly simple and straightforward. I let them out every couple of hours, feed them their dinner, and settled everyone into their assigned sleeping places when it's bedtime. Easy! Except that, even though I let both dogs out for half an hour before I left today and was gone just two hours, I still came back to a puppy that got so excited when I returned that he peed on the leather sofa, and in my haste to get him (at arm's length) straight to the yard before he could do any more, I stepped in a large pile of his poo, which he left directly in front of the couch. On brown carpet. So you can't see it AT ALL. I got all the way to the door before I realized I'd stepped in it, thus leaving dog doo tracks all across the room. In addition, he'd also found a few tissues and torn them all to pieces, then decided he needed something else and came up with a leather glove. After all that, I could've easily left him by the side of the road in a box marked FREE! PLEASE TAKE!, but I didn't want to have to explain where he'd gone or why someone down the road has a dog that looks remarkably similar to him.


This weekend finds me up to my ears in wedding invitation addressing and photo processing. I'm also obsessed with packing, and now that I have four tiny Christmas trees to pack as well, I think I'll be busy enough that I won't even notice when I don't make it into the city tomorrow. Part of me feels like I should go, as my remaining weekends here are few, but the rational part of my brain recognizes that I have too much to do already. New York City will have to wait until next week.


For those keeping track at home, I have just four weeks of work left before I head home to get down to the business of sleeping in and finishing up wedding tasks. What a relief.

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