Sunday, July 22, 2007

Entirely Filched from an E-Mail to Shiz, Who Asked If I'd Gone to the City Today

I went to the city. I ate a blueberry doughnut. I got blueberry lemonade, and dribbled a little down my shirt by tilting the cup too much, but I could totally cover it up by carrying my camera. But THEN my mom called and in my effort to answer the phone, I dribbled more down my shirt, which, combined with what I'd already gotten on there, was a lot. As in, splotches covered the entire front of the shirt. The WHITE shirt.

So I bought a Tide pen. Which totally worked! Score!

And then I went to Coney Island and did not go on any rides, even though the Wonder Wheel looked super tempting. But who goes to Coney Island and rides things alone? Pathetic people, that's who. The rest of us loners just drink lemonade that is so sweet that our teeth will probably all fall out tomorrow. And then we ride the subway back into Manhattan and have to run to catch the train home.

Also, we don't have time to stop for dinner and are pretty glad we put in those three packs of gum to keep our mouths busy for the hour it takes to get back to Connecticut.

Gum: It's What's For Dinner

Well, and an iceberg lettuce salad I dug up in the fridge. And maybe also chocolate chips directly from the bag.

Tomorrow is Monday. Only three Mondays left. Hooray!

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