Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How Do You Define Unscrupulous?

Would it be posting photos of celebrities on your blog, thus ending up with traffic from all over the world? Because if so, I am completely unscrupulous and am about to be all unscrupulous again. If however, it means that I sell the photos to someone for actual money, well...wait, why didn't I do that? Now all of y'all got to see it FOR FREE when I could have been rolling in dollars. Or maybe euros. Or yen! Crap! Why can't I be more unscrupulous?

I would like to assert, before I post a photo where you can kinda sorta see Kate Winslet's head in the middle, that the guy who asked me to stop taking photos was really quite friendly about it, so kudos to him for being nice about the whole deal, but no kudos to Dreamworks for being all picky-like and difficult. I think the issue mainly is that the camera that I use is a digital SLR, so I could see how I could be mistaken for paparazzi. Except that I do not shoot very boldly, and I don't think that anyone could mistake the embarassed look on my face after the shutter click for the triumphant or perhaps sassy look someone unscrupulous might give. Anyway, without further ado, here we have a really terrible photo, which would have been better had I not been too busy staring in awe of Kate's beauty too remember that Hey! This thing around my neck! Is a camera!

if you look really closely, you can kind of see kate winslet

Also, one of a couple of guys on the crew. They were more than happy to have me take their photo, and no one came over and complained at all. I believe their names are Rick and Jeff, but I might be in error, so please forgive me if I'm remembering incorrectly.


Aren't they fabulous?

Most of the folks I encountered who were working on the film were incredibly friendly and patient. I'm sure they'd been asked lots of stupid questions over and over again, but they gave great information about filming and what it's like to be on the crew. I had a particularly delightful conversation with one of the drivers of the old cars, and I wish I could remember his name so I could give him a proper mention. Most likely I'll end up back at the film set before they wrap in August, as Frank is quite interested in getting Leo's autograph, and perhaps I'll see that chap again then.

I hope I do.

I also hope I can keep myself from being unscrupulous. Perhaps this time I should just take a point and shoot?

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