Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Guess I'll Have to Put on Footwear Other Than Slippers if I'm Going to Leave the House

I'm packed. Four boxes sit directly opposite me, boxes I'll be heaving downstairs and shoving through the doors at FedEx/Kinko's once I get off my rear and put on some dang flip-flops or something. This will make ten boxes so far, with just one more to ship once I'm done working, as long as I don't go to any more sidewalk sales and get more holiday decorations. The remaining box will contain my printer, and I might just think about packing it up today except for this small problem I call The Wasps. And also that thing where I end up printing out a lot of forms for work and I really don't want the hassle of having to use shared printers on the ol' home network. (I'd explain why this is such a hassle, but you might fall asleep before you're done reading.) And really, the main reason is The Wasps. They have moved into the attic cubby, and my printer box is at the far corner of said cubby, and I really am not up to dealing with angry wasps in an attic cubby in the heat of the day.

I know I'm probably a little bit ahead on all this, what with not leaving for another four weeks, but I'd like to simplify those four weeks, so everything that won't be needed and won't fit into my luggage (and is also not something that needs to be put into a box that is currently residing with The Wasps) is going now. And by now, I mean later, once I put on my flip-flops.

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