Thursday, July 26, 2007

LIfe for the Sort of Computerless

I had a glimmer of hope last weekend, ordering up a new hard drive, thinking that the kids' dad could install it for me and BAM! I would not longer be computerless. But it seems I am in possession of the Computer of a Million Tiny Screws, and he just didn't feel comfortable removing all those screws and then having to get them back in the right spots. Which means that I will not have a computer of my own again until I return to Kansas City August 12th. I am currently borrowing Frank's from time to time, but my use is fairly limited.

On the bright side, I'm getting a ton of non-blog type reading done. The cable in my room is also out (still), so that leaves even more time; this week alone I've read upwards of a thousand pages even though I'm still as busy as ever.

One good thing which has come of my computerlessness is that I stumbled across something on Frank's computer that might not have been discovered otherwise, and as shocking as it was to find it, I'm glad I did. I have much more to say on that subject, but I'd prefer to do it in a more thoughtful manner, so I will leave you wondering until I have the space to say what I want to say about it with tact and more grace than I can muster at the moment.

Except for the lack of technology, life goes on as usual. I am busy, I am tired, I want desperately to get much more sleep.

Goodnight, all.


Aimee said...

Excited for your upcoming return! :) Spent some time with a couple girls from the Titans and we mentioned that your return was coming quickly and we're getting excited to have you and your honey around more often!

Safe travels in the next couple of weeks!


markbe said...

a thousand freakin pages, how do you retain anything??? i've read almost fifty pages in the past two weeks and i may have to re-read them (i've already re-read parts, often directly after reading it the first time) cuz remembering is hard. especially when you read yourself to sleep with heady theology/philosophy and history. excuses, excuses, but man alive, a thousand pages, i just don't get it.